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low energy entrepreneur- entrepreneurs and creatives that have mental, physical, or emotional limitations that affect daily life. Examples of this include: parents/caregivers, mental illness, chronic illness, disability, burnout from capitalism, and more.


compassionate marketing- marketing that is trauma informed, creative, playful, kind, and honest. A new way of marketing for low energy entrepreneurs + those done with shame, manipulation, and privilege in marketing

The world of entrepreneurship and marketing was not built for people who experience any type of fluctuation in energy or for people who feel really deeply and wish to take a compassionate approach in their marketing and sales.


Even though this space was not built for people like us, we can still create and imagine new approaches to entrepreneurship and marketing that actually feel supportive of both the individual and the business.


Having the courage to take a new approach and try something different is incredibly difficult whether you are doing it alone, or you have the support of someone to help you along your way.


Mentorship can be incredibly supportive tool to help build a foundation for a sustainable and compassionate business.


At it's core, your business is actually about you. An extension of who you are, your values, your strengths, and your struggles.


Mentorship is in no ways necessary but it can be a way to gain more clarity and have an objective person in your corner cheering you on.

It may be time for your to consider a mentorhip program if:

✨you feel like you can't seem to figure out what your next steps should be

✨you wish you had someone to sound board with regarding your business

✨your marketing strategy feels off somehow

✨you wish you had some support with the different parts of your business


If any of these feelings resonate I would love to support you with my 1:1 mentorship program to create a business and marketing strategy that feels good for who you are as a human.


My mentorship takes a human first and a holistic approach to your business and your marketing.


As I stated earlier, your business and your marketing are an extension of you.


My 1:1 support is at least 6 months so I can truly take my time to get to know you, your values, your energy, your lifestyle, and we can co-create something that works best for you.

Who you are.

How you operate.

what's included

The hardest part of talking about my mentorship is that what's included is different based on the needs of each individual.

Based on my work with all of my clients some things I have done include:

  • 1-90 Minute Strategy Call Monthly

  • 2-90 Minute Strategy Calls Monthly

  • Voxer Access during the week / business hours 

  • Branding Refresh + Design

  • Graphic Support + Design 

  • Marketing Strategy Creation

  • Email List Creation + Set Up 

  • Pinterest Set Up 

  • Pinterest Support 

  • Analytics Support

  • Content Strategy Creation 

  • Systems Organization

  • Email Automations 

  • Lead Magnet Creation 

  • Lead Magnet Support

  • Business Ecosystem / Product Suite Building

  • Website Creation + Design 

  • Product Photos or Headshots 

  • Breathwork Sessions

  • Infinite Space Held for you as a Human Being

During our initial consultation / on my application, I ask what the top things are that you need support with. 

a little about me

image0 (11).jpeg

Hi! I'm Meg or Megs and I am a creative, low energy entrepreneur. I started my business almost 3 years ago and it has not always been pretty. Entrepreneurship can be hard, particularly when you are done with hustle culture, capitalism, and burnout.


It is my goal to help other low energy entrepreneurs get their messages out into the world. In my spare time you will probably find me napping, watching Netflix, playing Stardew Valley, hanging with my dogs, and occasionally out with people.


I got diagnosed with IBS, esophagitis, autism, and ADHD in my early twenties making everyday life tough sometimes. Building my business to support myself and my health has been one of the most transformational things I have done for myself. And I want to help you do the same! A quick guide of things I will not do as a mentor: I will not make any lofty promises, other than to support you, I will not prescribe one size fits all approaches to marketing, and I will not use shame, manipulation, or privilege.

Interested in the mentorship? 

The Process:

✅The application + process

📔The onboarding

✨The intial kick off meeting!



Are payment plans available?

Yes, absolutely! I do offer payment plans. If you feel mentorship could support you at this time and we are a good fit, I will help create a payment plan that works for you.


What if I need emergency support?

I have the option for one 15 minute emergency call a month!


What are your qualifications?

I have been in marketing for over 5 years now. I have a degree in political science and sociology so I have always been interested in the why behind marketing and how to make a better world. I consider myself low energy since I deal with a chronic illness and a variety of mental illnesses including ADHD, autism, and anxiety. I have invested in trauma informed programming to help create more sustainable and trauma informed approaches in my work. I am a strategist and a consultant. In my mentorship I stick to the consultant, strategist, and space holder role. I am not a coach or a therapist, but I am a qualified space holder, capable of holding space for you and your humanity as it shows up in your marketing and business. 

the application

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