about establiss co

An Inner Child Connection + Playful Strategy Business


Our mission at Establiss Co. is to guide and support our clients who are desiring sustainability, authenticity, healing, fun, and accountability on their journey of reconnecting with their inner child for a deeper understanding of life and/or business.


Our vision is to support people on their re-parenting journey wherever they are at in life, to create a lifelong, sustainable practice that allows you to connect with the deepest parts of yourself and your business.

what are our values?


A tangible or visible form of an idea or feeling


We believe in embodiment as a product of moment to moment alignment. The goal for us is not to constantly be in alignment, but to understand that moment to moment we get to choose our response which leads to further embodiment. Embodiment is a way of life for us and not a state of being.



The ability to be maintained at a certain rate or level


Sustainability is a crucial element to all aspects of life. Just like we need sustainable practices to protect the earth, we need sustainable practices to protect ourselves and our energy. Cultivating sustainable practices in our lives and businesses allows unlimited potential for expansion.



The quality of being authentic, being genuine


Being truly authentic is a journey we partake in throughout our entire lives. We never full arrive as an authentic being, but we get to choose moment to moment if we practice authenticity. Our authenticity is the essence of what makes us different and unique in our own ways, but it also helps us connect deeply with those in our communities. Authenticity in life and business, moment to moment, helps us ground into community and sink a little deeper.



To become sound or healthy again


Healing is not a linear process. It is not something that ever ends. It is something that we must actively choose and participate in to reap the full benefits. Healing means finding harmony between both the dark and the light. Facing fear and choosing to do it again and again. I am not sure that we ever fully become sound, but I do know that healing is an important element of life and of business. We show up fully, when we feel deeply.



Lighthearted joy, pleasure, play


Pleasure is our birth right as human beings. We are built to experience pleasure-- pleasure as small as finding a reason to smile. Many of us have a wounded relationship with fun and play and pleasure and we keep ourselves from experiencing these things out of discomfort and feeling unsafe. Welcoming fun and allowing fun in your life helps deepen our healing journeys and our ability to be authentic with our audience.



Being accountable and responsible for your actions


Accountability in the realm of entrepreneurship and leadership is essential. It is essential for healthy and sustainable relationships with clients. It is essential for a healthy relationship with yourself. It is essential in our healing process. It is essential to being a heart-centered and authentic human being. We must be accountable for our actions, even when our intentions seem pure in life and business.

a letter from our ceo

My mission is to help you rediscover your joy, passion, and zest for life; to help create authentic, emotion-inspired change in industries and communities for change.


I help spiritual entrepreneurs welcome their inner child back into their life to allow abundance, pleasure, fun, ease, and the capability to stand tall in your beliefs.


Everything we believe, think, how we act, our struggles, our patterns, etc. can all be traced back to our childhood and how we have been able to survive up until this point.


As humans, we are not meant to JUST survive, but to thrive and enjoy our day to day life by embodying each and every part of ourselves.


I am a guide, a healer, and a leader. My purpose in live is to help you create safety in your body, in your soul-- which in turn creates a business that is sustainable, welcoming, and profitable.


I will always strive to make my business inclusive, accessible, and joyful for every client who comes to me.


I promise to hold space for you, love you, and support you in whatever way I can.