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about establiss co

Business Strategy + Marketing Support for Low Energy Entrepreneurs


Our mission at Establiss Co. is to support 1,000 low energy entrepreneurs in creating a sustainable business that honors their being.

our values





Personal Sustainability 


our founder

hi, i'm megs

I am an intuitive artist, creative human, and marketing + business strategist.


I attended school for a couple of years in rural, Western KS before switching online and moving back to CO.

I have a degree in Political Science and Sociology with a focus on grant writing, social entrepreneurship, and nonprofit work. 

As I was working through college I knew that I would not be able to sustain a career in non-profit work or political work while also honoring my health. 

Shortly after I graduated I ventured into online entrepreneurship and here I am three years later!

A lot of my work takes place behind the scenes supporting others but you can find me online sharing things as I feel able and inspired.


I take my work incredibly seriously as a mentor for other entrepreneurs and have taken numerous leadership trainings, trauma-informed trainings, and other advanced workshops to deepen my knowledge and ability to hold space for others. 

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