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Does it feel like your marketing strategy is supportive for your business and current reality?

OR does it feel like marketing is just another full time position in your business? 

Marketing and marketing for your business can feel incredibly overwhelming.

There is so much going on, so many different ways to track progress, so many different platforms and ways to share.

Marketing can absolutely be done on your own, but as your business grows it can be beneficial to have support from someone else.

Most marketing services are geared towards one specific thing, one piece of the puzzle.

We are told in order to be successful and make money, we HAVE to niche down our services + marketing and do one thing. 

Marketing for low energy folks changes more frequently due to the nature of fluctuating capacities and the variables that impact life.

Establiss Co.'s marketing management services is unique in that each month we are able to adjust according to your needs, your business, and your capacity. 

From there, I am able to take on the creation, scheduling, and all the other small parts of marketing that feel overwhelming. 

It may be time for you to consider adding additional support to your marketing if...

  • You feel like you can't spend as much time on doing the things you really want in business due to limited capacity, time, and a need to market your services.

  • You rarely feel like there is enough time to do all of the marketing aspects you need for your business in this season.

  • You don’t like your current marketing or strategy

  •  You feel like your marketing could be serving you and your business in a better way.

the structure

starts at $600/monthly

  • 2 monthly emails

  • Scheduled Content for 1 Platform

    • Pinterest- 250 pins/month​

    • Instagram- 30 posts/month

    • Tiktok- 30 posts/month (+$100 fee)

  • Email Analytics Reports

  • Platform Analytics Reports

  • 1-30 Minute Monthly Meeting

  • Quarterly Lead Generation Creation

My goal with this service is to set you up with a sustainable strategy that works with the energy of your business. I am a team member and partner when it comes to your strategy and marketing and we collaborate each month to meet the needs of your business. 


Sound like everything you need?


Fill out the form below to learn more!

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