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establishing compassion

the book


Establishing Compassion: My Journey in Business, Marketing, Creativity + Self Compassion is a collection of stories, poems, love notes, coloring pages, art pieces, and more.


Written by low-energy entrepreneur, Meg Garcia-Jahrman, this book is a look into the life of a deep feeling entrepreneur and creative. This book is meant to serve as a love note to other entrepreneurs. Other creatives who are looking for permission to feel and think a little differently. Folks in the online space will be able to resonate with aspects of Meg's story, but this book truly has something for everyone.

Establishing Compassion is meant to be something you can return to again and again. If you are an entrepreneur, a creative, a spiritual person, or someone who wants to be a little kinder to yourself, this book is for you.

By ordering your book here you are supporting Meg the best way possible, shipping is included, and she will hand write a note in your copy to send to you. That is why the book is priced more here. ($30 vs $20 on other platforms).

Only available to ship in the US-- please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery. You will receive email confirmation when your order ships!


purchase from Lulu

(this is the 2nd best way to purchase the book if possible!)

purchase from a global distributor

you can also order the book online from any major retailer and you can also ask your local book store to order a copy for you as well!

any order of this book from any platform means the world to me. 

thank you so much for supporting me + my art.

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