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A 4 month container for creatives, entrepreneurs, and low energy creators who are wanting to talk about the taboo topics in business while receiving support to build sustainable creativity in their lives. 

Over the 4 months (16 weeks total) you will be supported by mentors Meg + Kendall to discuss:

  • Self Awareness Tools + Personality Profiling 

  • Personal + Professional Values 

  • Mental Health in Entrepreneurship & Creativity

  • Compassionate Marketing 

  • Business Ecosystem Building 

  • Intuitive Practices + Creativity 

  • Ethics as a Socially Conscious Entrepreneur + Creative


We will be going over the best parts of these topics and some of the more uncomfortable ones such as:

  • Removing the Authority/Absolute from Self Awareness Tools

  • Commitment to Values across the board in your business

  • Mental health and having an online presence

  • Toxic Marketing Practices and Strategies 

  • Why creating an offer suite can be hindering you

  • Understanding your intuition when you struggle with mental health

  • Gaining a deeper understanding for harm reduction and the place it has in entrepreneurship

One of the reasons this experience is going to be so unique is because this program does not provide solvable solutions-- these topics aren’t often talked about in other programs or courses because they don’t come with clear solutions. 


That doesn’t mean they aren’t worthy of talking about and more often than not, these are the types of conversations we seek out from our peers and community. 


Creative Differences has been a work in progress for over a year to ensure that we would be providing the most supportive experience for other entrepreneurs by including the conversations that we feel are largely ignored by the online business and creative communities. 

The Structure of Creative Differences + What You’ll Receive:

  • Access to the Fall 2021 Cohort on Mighty Networks 

  • Access to All Course Materials Created by Kendall + Meg 

  • 8 LIVE Group Calls + Access to Recordings 

  • Supplemental Resources & Guidance in between calls

  • Access to a GroupChat on Mighty Network/Discord


The Mighty Network Cohort will always be active and you will always be able to message us on Mighty Networks. After the program is finished, we will remain active in the group for the following 8 weeks, and then we will no longer be active members.

When the Program Starts:

We open access to the cohort August 30th!

You will then be given resources to look over, ways to interact with the group, and more.

All calls will be on Fridays, with the first call being September 10th.


Creative Differences is priced on a sliding scale to offer access to those in our community who may otherwise not be able to access this type of support. 


The definition of a sliding scale business model is allowing there to be multiple price points for services based on the circumstance of the consumer. 


We ask that you reflect over the two tiers of payment and take stock of what economic identifiers apply to you, and what is feasible for you every month. 


This model has been adapted from and inspired by Toi Smith. You can find more information about Toi and her work, here.


Tier 1 Pricing: $150-199 per month (4 months total)

Tier 1 Economic Identifiers:

  • you are supporting children or people other than yourself

  • have significant debt

  • have medical expenses not covered by insurance 

  • receive public assistance 

  • have immigration related expenses

  • are a student with limited financial resources

  • are an elder with limited financial resources

  • are an unpaid community organizer 

  • are otherwise experiencing financial instability


Tier 2 Pricing: $200-250 per month (4 months total)

Tier 2 Economic Identifiers:

  • own property or the home you live in

  • travel recreationally

  • have investments, retirement accounts, or inherited money

  • have access to family resources in times of need

  • work part time by choice

  • have a relatively high earning power due to level of education or status, gender/racial privilege, class background, etc.


If you are in need of a different payment plan to better suit your needs, please reach out to

Once payment is completed, instructions will be emailed to participants to join the cohort.