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misfit marketing
for creatives +
low energy entrepreneurs

Even if it is a "mismanaged" approach. Anything being done half assed, is still being done.

Let’s create a marketing strategy that honors your energy + allows you to create content and a strategy that doesn’t lead to burnout.

So many marketing experts + strategists are speaking about marketing in ways and using terminology that is meant for other marketing professionals— not the average, one person team, entrepreneur like you or me.

Marketing as an entrepreneur can feel like a full time job and can feel super overwhelming especially when there are so many other moving pieces in business.

Marketing feels like it is an endless cycle of burnout in business sometimes.

So, what is marketing anyways?

Marketing is ultimately the action of selling or promoting our offers, products, and services.

Marketing is embedded into a lot of daily actions as an entrepreneur which can make it feel really daunting and scary and like it is something to be feared.

Marketing is often a method of creation for many of us in our business. It is an outlet for expression.

Treating marketing like it is just as simple as posting things on different platforms does us a disservice as entrepreneurs and creatives.

Marketing is a method of creativity and approaching it with a one-size-all fits narrative, ends up serving no one leading to burnout.

We should allow marketing to be supportive and creative and fun— we just have to know what to start with and how to build something that works for us and our energy.

Ultimately, most marketing advice and strategies are the same. There is nothing truly "groundbreaking" in terms of marketing right now, it's all about the values held and the content created.

There are plenty of Google and Youtube searches to be done that allow you to learn almost anything there is to know about marketing.

Knowing things about marketing and all of the marketing strategies is not the same as being able to market in a way that works for YOU.

I want you to feel confident when approaching your marketing.

I want you to know what you should be focusing on in marketing, what you should pay  attention to, and what you can leave behind.

I want you building a strategy that is sustainable and compassionate.

Even if it is a "mismanaged" approach. Anything being done half assed, is still being done.

I want you to create something that works for you because you deserve a supportive business. You deserve to share your voice and your mission.

And you deserve to do it for as long as you wish without experiencing marketing-burnout and fatigue.

Screenshot 2021-11-23 090339.jpg

MisMarketing is my work-guide that covers everything I know about marketing into one document that allows you to build a creative marketing strategy without burning out.

It is designed in a way that all important information is highlighted so you can skim the entire document quickly, and there is a linked table of contents to quickly access certain information.

This allows you to approach the document in a way that works for you. Allowing you to read what sections you need and skip around depending on what your focus is.


Then at the end there are worksheets, reflection questions, and templates to help you craft your strategy according to your needs.

MisMarketing includes marketing basics, different types of marketing, how to get started, what to focus on, and figuring out what strategies work for you so you can market your business as a creative + entrepreneur without feeling like you are extending your current capacity or doing work that doesn’t seem to yield any results.

In MisMarketing we cover:

  • What is Marketing + Why It Matters

  • Learning about yourself + creativity + process

  • An Introduction to Compassionate Marketing

  • Establishing Values as Content Pillars

  • Different Types of Marketing

  • Different Social Media Platforms + Why You Use Them

  • What to do when you first get started with marketing platforms...

    • Starting Slow + Building Over Time​

    • Creating a Good Profile

    • Giving People a Place to Start

    • What does consistency really mean when it comes ot marketing?

    • Apps / Websites / Tools for Content Creation

    • Understanding Call to Actions

    • Advertising

  • Analytics + Engagement

    • The Story About Engagement​

    • How to Create Goals Outside of Clients, Sales + Engagements

  • Defining What Strategies will work for you

    • Passive + Active Marketing Strategies​

    • Launching Strategy

    • Content Planning + Calendar Tips

    • Additional Things to Remember​​​

  • Case Studies + Examples of Different Strategies 

    • A Low Structure Strategy​

    • A Structured-But-Unstructured Strategy

    • A Structured Strategy

  • Building Out Your Low Energy Strategy: The Worksheets + Idea Space for Strategy

    • Building your Marketing Ecosystem​

    • My Marketing Strategy Sheet

    • Your Launch Strategy Worksheet

    • Your Version of Planning your Marketing 

    • Creating Content from your Values

  • Extra Resources

The last two sections of MisMarketing are Case Studies + Different Examples of Strategies AND Building Out your Low Energy Strategy: Worksheets + Idea Space for Strategy. 

MisMarketing is designed in a way that you can come back to it as you need while building your strategy.

It is entirely possible to start with the worksheet and workbook section and then refer to the information sections you need while you create your strategy.

MisMarketing is a work-guide that is over 40 pages that gets delivered via email + Google Drive to your email! The Google Drive folder has MisMarketing the work-guide, templates, and other resources. 

Regardless of whether you purchase MisMarketing or find something else suited for your needs, marketing should not be causing burnout in your business and can be creative and sustainable for you. It is possible— marketing doesn’t have to be the way it’s portrayed. 

This is not another one-size-fits all strategy document, this is the information and the tools you need to get started doing the things that matter when building a marketing strategy that works for you.


MisMarketing is one payment of $97 or two monthly payments of $49.

Need a different payment option? 


Email me at


How long does it take for MisMarketing to get to me?

  • Please allow up to 30 minutes for delivery to your email inbox, be sure to also check your spam!

Who do I contact with issues?

Who is MisMarketing ideal for?

  • MisMarketing would be great for anyone...

    • who is a new entrepreneur establishing marketing methods

    • who is an established entrepreneur, but needs more information about marketing to create a supportive strategy

    • who is tired of what they are currently doing and needs help finding a different way

    • who is ready for creativity to meet their marketing

What is a work-guide?

  • A work guide is my combination or a workbook and a guide. There is a lot of information like guide, but the intention behind the document is for you to use it as a workbook. So it's a work-guide!

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