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What are the Creative Process Types?

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

The Creative Process Quiz is designed for entrepreneurs, creatives, and business owners to gain insight to their own creative process. 🎨✨

The Story Behind the Creative Process Quiz + Types:

Around two years ago I was working in the spiritual realm as a guide and mentor doing work centered around fun, play, inner child, slowness, and more. I wanted to find a way to help share the work that I was doing, all of the things I was learning, AND I also wanted to include my marketing + strategy knowledge into whatever it was I was doing. Fast forward, I knew that a quiz was a phenomenal way to gather leads AND I had come up with 5 archetypes in my mind that I could create a quiz around.

Thus the Play Archetypes was born with mystical names and lots of whimsy and imagination in the process. The original archetypes were the fairy, wizard/witch, unicorn, merman/mermaid, and the nymph. Each archetype had a profile, description, creativity tips, and strategy tips packed together in a guide.

Over time calling the quiz the Play Archetype quiz didn’t make sense anymore. That wasn’t really what I was doing in my business. I was really working with creativity and marketing + marketing strategy specifically and no longer that same inner child element. Especially since I had shut down my spiritual business, eventually mostly for good. (I don’t offer spiritual services outside of breathwork at this time, paintings may be back someday though.)

The quiz has gone through multiple versions to fit my business over the years but the content has always remained the same. All of these changes have been very intentional with each version. From the beginning, every archetype/ process guide included the strategy and marketing tips that I saw fit for each type based on the styles of play and types of fun. This has always been a part of a larger vision. Even if I didn't know what that vision was all the time. The only things that have really changed about the quiz each time are the names, some of the questions, and some of the tips. Most of the information has stayed the same because it was rooted in 5 separate groups of people in my mind.

What are the Creative Process Types based on?:

The Creative Process Types are based on the 16 types of play based on play theory from play theorist Bob Hughes, the fun scale according to the fields of outdoor recreation, and my work with over 100 creatives now as an entrepreneur.

The 16 types of play are mostly widely recognized and used in early childhood education/development from my research, but I have found that they can also be applicable to a lot of the actions we partake in as adults, especially in regards to creativity. Bob Hughes developed these 16 types from the normal play development of children and has been a lifelong advocate for free play and play as an essential part of human development.

The fun scale according to outdoor recreation was created to help outdoor afficienadoes help describe their adventures to their friends. What kind of fun was it really? Was it a leisurely stroll through some meadows in the mountains? Or was it the kind of fun where you are rock climbing up the side of a steep mountain and you had a bunch of unexpected things happen? The fun scale was created to help outdoor folks describe their adventures but I have found that it can be applicable to a lot of the activities we consider fun as adults. Especially as low energy humans, or people who are looking to subscribe to a slower lifestyle, using this scale can be a great way to gauge what kinds of activities might be best in the moment. I have not been able to find any concrete evidence of where exactly the fun scale originated from, but there are multiple blogs about it on outdoor sites across the web.


This version of the Creative Processes has different energy since this is more about how you create and what that process is like for you– how you approach creating things. Even things in your business! There is a misconception that creativity has to look one certain way. Creativity looks like a million things in our day to day lives. It could be a creative solution to a storage problem at your house, making a post for your social media channels, spending time writing for your email list, taking a few extra minutes to try a different makeup or style look, playing video games, playing board games, etc. We are often participating in creativity more than we realize and this quiz is really about looking at how you approach creating things, how you like creating, how you enjoy expressing your creativity, etc.

You may be surprised that you type differently with this updated version of the quiz if you took it previously when it was the Play or Creative archetypes! The questions and the quiz have become more refined with this last round and I feel like it types way more accurately than it has before.

This quiz is meant to reflect how you approach creating things and what your purpose behind doing so is. From there we provide tips for relaxing/having fun and tips for creating marketing that works for you.

For Reference:

My Creative Process Type is the Collaboration Process! This is my primary process which makes sense for me because:

  • I like structure and rules when I play and have fun that helps guide us as a group!

  • I LOVE activities like board games, video games, escape rooms, learning in a group, literally anything where there is a set of rules that we all follow and we work together to find a common solution or goal (or I get to use the rules to win!).

  • I have realized that part of my reasoning for signing up for a lot of courses and always feeling like I need another certification is because I equate those activities with the idea of fun. Even if I don’t necessarily need the education to be more worthy of my business, I find it fun which is why I am always so drawn to educational forms. I have had to be more intentional with my choices of investing into education because I will get caught up in the trap of signing up for more and more courses or materials until I am fully booked and I don’t have time to work on the other things that fill my cup.

Take the Creative Process quiz now to discover your primary process type! You can then read the guides to more deeply understand your primary process and determine your secondary process if you wish.

In my newest offer, MisMarketing, I walk you through everything you need to know about marketing and how to create a strategy that works for you based on what you need for your business. I also have an entire section of examples that cover what kinds of strategy I would implement based on energy levels, Creative Process types, enneagram types, and more.

Take the quiz below! And check out MisMarketing here.

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