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Play + Fun Tips for Creative Entrepreneurs

1. Journaling can be a really powerful way to connect with your creativity but there are tons of ways to achieve the benefits of journaling without actually journaling.

Some alternatives to journaling include:

  • Listening to your favorite song or music.

  • Dancing it out.

  • Drinking some water.

  • Coloring or color journaling.

  • Brain dumping on your phone or laptop.

  • Making a thougt list.

  • Naming five things you are grateful for.

  • Exercising or moving it out.

  • Recording a voice note.

2. Below are some prompts you can use for journaling or simple reflection.

  • what brings you joy in your day to day life?

  • when do you feel the most creative?

  • how do you enjoy creating most?

  • what are ways you can fill up your cup to support your creativity?

  • what are small things you can introduce in your daily life to foster more creativity? (examples can be anything from colored pens or paper, to toys at your desk, to a new art project, etc.)

  • when was the last time I was able to create for the sake of creating something? when was the last time I was able to create without an agenda?

  • when I am burned out from creating, how can I support myself?

  • where do I need to give myself some grace in regards to my creativity?

  • how can I celebrate my creativity in all of its joy?

3. Below are some acitivites I have found helpful to fuel creativity:

  • Build something with your hands

  • Play a video game

  • Play a board game

  • Watch an animated movie!

  • Color, paint, create

  • Tend to plants or a garden

  • Build a fairy garden somewhere where you can see it everyday

  • Play with a hula hoop

  • Sing and dance to your favorite song

  • Wear your favorite color!

  • Blow bubbles or buy a bubble machine

  • Make yourself your favorite meal from childhood

  • Create a zen garden and play with it daily

  • Use stickers in your day to day life! Reward yourself even if it is over something small.

  • Buy yourself comfy pajamas that make you feel like you are a kid again! My favorites are onesies!

4. Mantras and affirmations can help support our creativity by helping us remind ourselves of our abilities. As creatives we can often fall into traps of imposter syndrome and affirmations can help remind us of our ability.

  • I am safe to experience creativity and curiosity.

  • I am free to be curious

  • I am free to be creative.

  • I am free to be joyful.

  • I am free to feel deeply.

  • I am surrounded by grace.

  • I am encompassed with compassion.

  • I am safe to create for myself.

Let me know which of these is your favorite and which you are wanting to try out!

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