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Repressing + Diminishing our Creativity

Something that I have always desired to do, but never have actually done is pursue my creativity and my passions within it.

After reflecting over the way we perceive and talk about creativity and art in our society, it became really clear to me that many of us have repressed and diminished our ability to create and create FREELY from these societal standards and conditioning placed on us at young ages.

We are taught that creativity and art are not viable options to pursue if we want "wealth" or success.

Creativity and art are not something everyone is good at.

Creativity and art only come naturally to some people.

Creativity and art are dying fields that are reserved for professionals.

Creativity isn't important in adult life.

It all comes down to the ideas that creativity and art have to be performed and presented in a certain way to be worthy of success, wealth, praise, time, energy, etc.

Many of us had some sort of art class growing up, but many of us did not. Arts programs are always the first things to be cut from budgets-- school budgets, public budgets, etc.-- and many of us are not able to experience our ability to create in a space that is affirming and uplifting.

Even in art classes we are taught to do things a certain way. Our art is judged and graded, we are asked to perform our creativity within the rules given to us. When in reality art is subjective. Art takes practice. Art is personal. Our creativity is sacred and all our own. And there are no rules when it comes to creativity and art.

Art and creativity are meant to expressed however you see fit.

We often repress and diminish our own creative abilities because it doesn’t feel like they are enough. They aren’t good enough. They don’t look a certain way. It isn’t the right way. Others are better than we are.

When it comes to creativity, we often put ourselves down. Even amazing artists often put themselves down and diminish their abilities because we are taught to be humble. There is always room for improvement. I like xyz but this part over here is not what I wanted…

Many of us repress our desire to create because it seems easier than trying something it feels like just sets us up to fail.

In my personal experience, I have spent the majority of my life repressing my desire to create because I didn't feel like I was good enough to pursue my creativity as a source of work. I didn't feel like my creativity was unique or special enough to really be considered "art". I didn't feel like I had natural talent in art and because of that it wasn't worth pursuing.

Since understanding my own hang ups about my creative journey I have been able to understand that our desire to repress and diminish our creativity and art stems from the environments we were exposed to growing up.

What would happen if we reframed the way we talked about creativity and art?

What would happen if children were given equal access to arts programs?

What would happen if we allowed spaces of creativity and art to be uplifting and affirming?

What if we didn't feel the need to critique creativity?

I would love to hear the experiences of others and if this resonates at all. Creativity and art are personal so my experience is not the only experience and I would love to engage with you all on this topic.

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