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The Creative's Space Ep. 7: Intuition + Spiritual Gifts with Em Scimeca

Below is the transcription for episode 7 of the Creative's Space podcast with special guest Em Scimeca. You can find the episode on Apple or Spotify.

Meg [00:00:27] Hello, hello and welcome to the Speak Your Truth podcast. I am so excited that you're here. I am recording a solo intro at the moment because this episode was recorded in May of twenty twenty and I am just getting around to editing it and putting it out at the end of twenty twenty. So I wanted to come on and update you that this episode is with my dear friend Em Scimeca who is an animal intuitive and intuitive mentor and a wonderful person to, to be connected with. Truthfully, she is doing all sorts of wonderful things with her animal intuitive gifts and she's also offering some really awesome mentoring for people who are looking to expand their intuitive gifts. I highly recommend that you reach out to her, but I just wanted to give you an update on where she is at and what her business is looking like. And without further ado, I will let you guys hear the episode for yourselves. Hi, everyone, and welcome to the Speak Your Truth podcast. I'm your host, Megan, and here today with me I have the lovely, wonderful, eccentric, quirky, beautiful human being, Em, who is an animal communicator and intuition mentor and so much more so welcome Em.

Em [00:01:52] Hello. I'm so excited to be here. Thank you for having me. This is such a sweet moment because like, I don't know, I'm just excited. Hello.

Meg [00:02:02] Hello. I'm also excited for those of you who don't know me and Em, Em was my podcast mentor. And so she has a podcast course that teaches you. It is designed to help walk you through the process of creating a podcast. And so it's a it's a wonderful day for me to have, like, such a inspirational mentor on my podcast, too, like I do look up to a lot.

Em [00:02:31] Oh, you. Thank you. You're also my friend. So like that's why I'm here primarily. I'm just excited. Hello.

Meg [00:02:39] I'm also excited. So that's wonderful. Why don't you go ahead and tell us a little bit more about yourself, what you do, who you are, all that good stuff.

Em [00:02:50] Yes, so hi, my name is Em. I am a intuitive mentor, spirituality coach, I'm also an animal communicator. And I guess I can go into a little bit about, like, my origin story with being an animal communicator, because that really changed everything for me last year in twenty nineteen during the summer eclipse season, I had this huge, like, breakthrough moment earlier that year, one of my guinea pigs passed away when I had four. So also one of the founding, one of the defining key factors of my brand and my life is that I am definitely a guinea pig person. I had four at my most and right now I have three. And they are just like the squeakiest little potatoes, cuddle bugs, love birds. I don't know. They're just perfect. They're just my speed. So a lot of people like see guinea pigs and then think of me, which is really fun. But one of them passed away when he last April and he had been sick for a really long time. And it was really hard for me because like during that time before, like leading up to his like passing, I had been going through my worst, like, panic disorder, my worst depressive, my worst anxious state. And it really taught me that, like, animals are here to absorb all of our feelings and make us feel better and serve us in that way and heal us in that way, which I could, like, go on forever about. But that's not really what we're talking about today. Or maybe we are. I don't know. We'll see. But yeah. So. Let me let me think where it was going with that. Yes, so during that time, I had been brought to. Little nudges from the universe, you know how it goes with like you should learn to talk to animals or whatever, it didn't come across as clearly as that. But like, the little seeds were planted for me here and there. Like one day I was led to walking into the library on my way home from work. And I picked out a random book from a random shelf that I knew would help me. But I didn't know why and I don't know why I listen to it. I wasn't really big on, like, intuition or anything like that at the time. And I picked out a book called Animals Make US Human by Temple Grandin. And it was about connecting with animals on another level and understanding them better. And I didn't really read the book. I felt really bad about it. But like, I'm a really big aspirational book person. I feel like a lot of us are. And I bought the book and it sat on my nice my bedside table. My my oh my God. My nightstand is sat on my nightstand for two weeks, didn't open it, felt like I absorbed it and already did what it needed to do for me. One day I randomly searched animal communicator on Instagram just to see what came up and I would like I was led down a rabbit hole and I was connected with like several people that I looked up to when I first started my animal communication journey. And some people I'm still friends with now, which is really cool. And I tried to learn as much as I could before when he passed away because they wanted to make his transition comfortable. He had dealt with like bladder stones for like the whole time I had him, which was really sad. But I was doing a meditation challenge. This was like the very first thing I did in my business. Last May, I was doing a meditation challenge and it was to launch like this meditation workbook that I made, which is good, I guess. I think you can yeah. You can still purchase it. It's on my website and I was practicing meditation because you got to practice what you preach. And I was meditating and I connected with Winnie accidentally. So people in the animal communicator community, I guess say that you shouldn't try to connect with an animal immediately after it passes. You should wait like a twenty one day period because they go through like a purification process, especially if they were really sick, especially if they. Especially if they were sick for a long time or they had a traumatic passing, but I didn't anticipate being able to connect with Winnie for like another week and a half, eight. And he reached out to me during a meditation and he told me like, hey, everything's cool, basically. Excuse me, hey, everything's cool. And thank you for doing everything. It was amazing knowing you. I had to get out of the way so that you could, like, stop relying on physical cues from an animal and really learn to tap into, like, the other side and connect with animals who have passed. Better if that makes sense. So that's my favorite thing to do now. I love doing animal communication sessions for people who have had pets passed away. It means a lot to me. So I try to keep those is like the priority for the sessions that I do these days. I feel really weird making it like a party trick, like what does my dog want for lunch? Like, you know what I mean. It feels like I can do it. You probably won't like the answer or it'll probably sound exactly what you think your dog will say. But I really have a soft spot and soft. Oh my God. Feels about starting to open up, but I really have a soft spot in my heart for animals who have passed away or are about to pass away and just providing that closure for people and their animals that they love. So that's my story. It kind of helped me. Open up intuitively a little bit, and like I was, I never knew, like growing up that I was an animal communicator. I always wanted to be that person that would be like like to our family dog. If you have something to say, you can tell me. I won't tell anyone that you talked and I watched, like, you know, like all of the movies with, like, talking animals, like, yeah, that's normal. That's like a totally normal thing. So I was always very tuned into animals, especially as a child. Yeah. And I feel like that has just. Grown exponentially over the last two years, two years. Holy shit. Yeah, I guess so. Two years of this wild, crazy journey. Here we are. Well, did that answer your question?

Meg [00:10:01] Yes. There are so many beautiful parts of your story, especially about like you just like really, really deeply connecting and wanting to help people with their animal relationships, because I do think that there is. Kind of this. Understanding in our society that like animals are a part of us, animals are like family, animals have their own souls, animals are here to bring us companionship, joy and happiness and whatnot. But not a lot of people think like, oh, how do I communicate with my animal? And so really bringing that into, like the forefront, into the focus of people's minds I think is so beautiful. You have such a beautiful and amazing and like joyful purpose on this earth, even if it's like, you know, bringing closure to people who have suffered the loss of a pet or things like that. It's it's just very beautiful and inspiring. And I love everything about it. And I also love that you mention that you were so close to animals as a kid, too, because I think that is also like a seed that was planted along your journey to you.

Em [00:11:14] Yeah. Thank you for all those nice things you said while I was on mute, clearing my throat like a goblin. Oh, yeah, definitely. When I was a kid like any even before I realized in my here I am in my 20s doing that. But even like as a teenager, even when I was even when I was in college, like we would go to a party, I would hang out with the cat. I was very allergic to cats. And I stubbornly have pushed through it because they just want to love all animals. Even I don't understand cats yet, but I feel like we're getting along a little better. Probably not the direction you thought that was going, but I'm really good at being interviewed.

Meg [00:11:57] I love it. I love all of it. I think this is great. But I yeah. So I and I love that, like, you have really, like, kind of like gone through all of these, like resistant blocks that you felt because you do just want to love all animals when you first started, like your animal intuition and like communication journey, what were like some of the things that really helped you? How were you able to lean into the practice? How do you make it fun for yourself since you often do communicate with animals that may have passed over? Like what are some what are just some of your tips and tricks and secrets that you use?

Em [00:12:41] My secrets. Oh, my gosh. Let me see. I definitely well, I think the whole animal intuitive thing, animal communicator thing is just like. Made even stronger by the fact that I'm an empath and I feel like a lot of us in this space are people who like are looking to learn more about personal development and inner child healing and just all of these good, amazing personal development things. Being an empath is like the first basic thing I learned about me. And it was just like the tip of the iceberg, really. But it also kind of rolls into every single facet of myself. So far. I'm I'm literally sitting here on my desk with like a spray that's like protect the empath, like new moon water from like a local hippie witch shop near me. And that's like that's something I try to take with me everywhere I go where I'm learning not like physically the spray, but like sometimes places. But but I try to really ground myself a little bit in the whole like. I am a person doing emotional readings for people that might have like really emotional experiences and I'm a cancer, so I'm also super emotional and it can be really hard to have that practice of maintaining your own energy and your own sovereignity, I guess. And just like knowing that you have your own energy and you're protecting it and the outside things, any outside things that are happening, whether it's like you're connected to a dog that a family had to give away and they're telling you that like. They they're not upset about what happened, but like they knew it was the right time for us to part ways and like it just like some really sad shit comes up. Can I curse? I'm sorry. Some really sad stuff comes up in these readings. And that reading is really like. The one reading I'm referring to is really important for me because it was like the first time I really channeled something powerful and I got all of the details right for the most part, I think, because this was like one of my first few paid readings that were done that I did. And I didn't really know much about the person who the reading was for or the pet of the reading was for. And I was in a period of extreme self-doubt because I grew up very religious in the Catholic Church. And basically the whole like if you understand what your pet is saying and you just know that they want to go out right now or they know which toy they want or whatever, I don't know why you always use the dog example as guinea pigs. They haven't had a dog as an adult yet, but. That's one thing, and that's fine, because those are really good guesses, but if you're connecting with something on the other side, you know, that's like Satan. And how do you know that? Like, it's not just like a demon telling you those things which like sometimes still freaks me out, but the whole, like, grounding and calling in late has been helpful for me, too. But this reading was really important to me, specifically because I doubted myself a shit ton and I did the reading. I wept pretty much the whole time because I was like, this don't go through so much. And I knew it was really powerful. And I finished it. I sent it off and I found out that, like. That reading changed the family's life forever, and I still talk to them a lot. I don't want to say specifically who they are, but I can tell you after because we know them. And, yeah, it was just a really powerful moment for me because they were like, I don't know how you knew all of these details and we didn't give you this information or that piece of it. But this was really helpful for us and it gave us closer closure. So thank you. And I was like, oh, OK, I'm doing a thing. And that's cool. So the things that have helped me grounding myself, trying not to take on other people's energy, even if it's a really emotional reading, just trying to distance myself a little bit and also believing in yourself, because that is that's always important. And sometimes I still struggle with that. But here we hear from you or I guess.

Meg [00:17:38] Yeah, absolutely it is. We're we're conditioned as we grow up, I believe, to stop trusting ourselves, stop trusting our intuition, stop, stop leaning into those nudges, because it is it doesn't fit the status quo and it doesn't fit the mold that has been set for us. And so I just like I love your story because there's so much medicine that you bring by showing the way that it's OK to lean in that intuition, lean into our lean into that grounding. I know that, like you were divinely supported and that you're doing work that is also divinely supported.

Em [00:18:19] I love that you said the whole leaning into our intuition in the nudges and everything is something we lose when we get older. And I have I have a whole I could go on like a whole little tangent of that if it's OK, because, like, this is something that really hit home for me in the last year and now I have to tell everybody I know. So hello, friends. Here we are. We definitely even with, like any intuitive thing, don't even think about it like I'm getting intuitive guidance or this dog is talking to me or I have a feeling that, like, I just got a great download for a great product idea or whatever. Right. Think about it. Even in terms of like, oh my God, did I leave the stove on or did I leave my curling iron plugged in or anything like that? You like your intuition is just a thought that comes into your brain and there are no feelings associated with it. So it can be really interesting. Excuse me to like have a thought come into your brain. I have a story like this. I'll actually tell two winters ago, actually, before I realized, oh, now I'm getting like full body chills because like, I'm realizing how for how a full circle this has become. But the winter before when he died, I remember it had snowed a lot that day. Work was canceled our school on a snow day. And I was hanging out at home with the pigs. I had the four of them at the time. And I guess Franklin was running around on the floor or Roger was running around on the floor. I don't know. And I went to I was going to visit my friend Kelsey, so I had to go shovel my car. I had to do whatever. And I like I put them back in their cage. But, like, sometimes they knock the thing over and they hop out anyway because, like, they are wild men, my my guinea pigs. And I guess my roommates, my my roommates are literal pigs. They I packed everyone away. It was OK. Actually I think Franklin was out running around Roger. I put back in the cage but Roger broke out after I had left and I remember this really vividly. I was driving up the hill to my friend's house and I got this weird, like down the road, like I need to go back to my apartment and check the stove. And I normally wouldn't have done it because I'm a very anxious person and I always think I leave things on. And it's a big source of anxiety for me. And I I realized it was different because, like, it didn't there wasn't any impending sense of doom, like, oh my God, if I left the stove on, it's going to burn down. I was a resident director at the time and I was living on a college campus. So like, not only would I burn down an entire dormitory, I would lose my job. I would hurt a lot of people. So that's the spiral. I would have gone down, but I didn't feel any of that. And I turned around at the gas station and then I drove home. I it was like a ten minute trip, five minutes there and turn around five minutes back. And then I get back into my apartment and I went to check the stove. And of course it's off. But like as I'm leaving the kitchen, I saw I saw, like, white toughs the fur on the carpet. And I was like, that's weird. That was not there when I left. And I realized that Roger had not like this is really interesting because Roger, like, he's the ugliest bug out of all of them. I would not expect this from him. But he broke out of his cage. He found Franklin wherever he was, they had got in a huge fight. And male guinea pigs, especially like they all lived separately at the time. Now they live together. It's a weird, long, complicated back story. But like maybe I'll tell it another time somewhere else. Anyway, they had got in a huge fight, probably when I had the download to go back and turn this. Off. I went to I found Franklin wherever he was in my apartment, I checked on him and he had like a gash in his stomach, like not only was the hair, like, ripped out there, sorry, this is a little graphic, but there was like a slash right across his belly and he was bleeding and like, holy shit, if I, like, left and went to Telesis to visit her and like. Ignored that nudge like he probably he wasn't bleeding a ton, but like it he probably wouldn't have been in a good spot and they would have fought a little more, I don't know. So, like, I just remembered that story, like, I kind of blocked it out. He still has, like, a scar on his belly from getting that glued back together. But yeah. Are going, oh, yeah. Getting little nudges and downloads because, like, you are prone to thinking like. I don't know why I have that thought, like I'm just going to brush it aside, I like I shouldn't have it. I'm over thinking we like especially women. I feel like and feminine essence to beings just tend to like overthink things a little more. And also people with anxiety, gender doesn't actually matter. I'm just speaking from my own experience as a as a woman. But I know there are people that like tend to obsess and overthink and overcomplicate things and that can make trusting little nudges. You get even more because like, why should we believe ourselves? You know, I think it's. Here I go. This is a whole other like divine, feminine, divine, masculine tangent, thank you for, like, laughing and being cool about it. But like, I'm in, I'm ready. OK, so our society. As it was before, like the plague that's happening right now is very patriarchal, very like productive productivity based, like going and doing and accomplishing and. It's very interesting that, like, that was a very masculine way of doing and being, which is like accomplishing and like things you can quantify and things you can show for it. And intuition is something you can't quantify and it's something you can't explain. And it's also a very divine feminine energy type thing. Alan, can I just take a deep breath? And I'm like, OK. Thank you for that. All right, thank you for everything that you know, so the fact that intuition and receiving downloads like that is a very. Divine feminine energy type thing, whereas like the masculine type thing is the quantifying it, our society and our society is very masculine as it is, was it doesn't value that at all. So we are conditioned to societally to like just brush off. What we receive is like, oh, I'm overthinking it. Oh, I'm just worrying about this. Oh, I'm just going to doubt what comes through for me because I don't trust the divine feminine energy and I can see the masculine energy here and I'm going to. Tap into that notice, I'm not saying like divine masculine energy, because they feel like the patriarchy and all of that stuff comes from a very wounded masculine type place, if you know what I mean. And the divine masculine doesn't really do that. That's more of like the safety in the container and the structure that allows the divine feminine to flow into it. And then she can do whatever the fuck she wants, like she's creating the new paradigm. She's receiving all of these incredible downloads. And like, the men are here to just serve and support that shift and like, what's going to happen? What does that make sense? That was a wild ride

Meg [00:26:57] that makes sense it's so important to touch upon to is that like we are in such a patriarchal, masculine, driven society. And I would agree that it's not it's not divine, masculine energy. It is very wounded, masculine, which we which leads to like a wounded feminine as well, like they live in harmony together. All energy does. And so if you have a wounded masculine, you probably have a wounded feminine two. And growing up in that structure, it really, really strips us of our intuition. It strips us of our inner guidance. It strips us of trust in authority within our bodies, because we are told that that's not how society works.

Em [00:27:45] And I feel like that's really harmful because we have our own , beautiful inner divine guidance GPS, just like leading us always. Whether whatever gender you identify with, whatever divine energy there is more of in your soul, your being, we just like. We're here to play a very specific role that only our soul knows, like our minds may not even be conscious of it at this point in time. That's like what? Quote unquote, the work is for it helps us really uncover it and dove deep into it and we find what lights us up in specific like. Experiences and then like, I don't know, this is getting. Sorry, I'm just. All a little all over the place, where was I? OK, I think our souls just have a very specific. Purpose that we might not even know fully about yet, and it's so harmful when we feel like we're doing our own thing, we're living our purpose, and then like our society tells us, no, that's dumb. No, that's stupid. No, that's weird. Why are you doing that? So last summer, I didn't really get into this during, like, my origin story, but this happened like after I realized I could communicate with animals and that kind of stuff. I remember it vividly because it was around my birthday and friends. Not that that matters, but I was going through a really, really rough time because I grew up very religious and. I couldn't really accept my own gifts if that lake. If you could even imagine that I was like scared of it, I was like, this doesn't feel. This whole sorry, I need to do I do. OK. I guess that'll come up later. Who knows who's saying? Yeah, I was really scared of the whole situation because I came from a very religious background and the fact that I could do this didn't seem scary or wrong. Every doubt that lake was brought up into this situation came from an outside factor, so like my parents, so like religion and like. It definitely mirrors back into the whole we don't doubt ourselves, we question well. We. The doubt from our situations come from an outside source, from our society, never from within ourselves. So when we're trying to. Grasp like the sense of what's going on, when I realized I could communicate with animals and was like, what is this like? I knew like I always wanted to be like how a Disney princess could talk to animals, but like, oh, God, at what cost? Like, my parents think I'm nuts. They want me to go back to church. They are telling me that I need to start praying. They're like and I didn't want to talk about it. I didn't want to share the gift. I don't know. It's a hole. Sometimes it comes back up and sometimes I'm more at peace with it. But our work is never really done when we're in the human body, right? If we were fully enlightened, we'd be like we would not friggin be here. We would just like levitate out of our bodies and become a beam of light and just disappear. I think so. Anything could happen. But what was the question?

Meg [00:31:46] Well, we were just talking. I admit, I love everything that you just said. And I I really appreciate you being so honest and open and forthcoming with your story, because I think there's so many people that can relate to that, especially that super religious upbringing and way of life that may have been forced upon you as a child and that conditioning that keeps you in that wounded inner child, because in order for you to be safe, heard and seen, you needed to fit into this mold. And when you no longer fit into the mold, where does your safety come from? Where where are you hurt? Where are you seeing? Where are you helds with every fiber of your being for just being who you are?

Em [00:32:35] Exactly, and something that I'm realizing more and more, I feel like a lot of us are going through a massive up leveling right now, which is fine. I feel like that's a good thing. But also. Oh, sorry. I hope you didn't hear that notification sound. I feel like we're all going through this like up leveling thing at the moment and I don't know ultimately, like what my career and purpose will be in like 10 years. That might shift. That might change. But I'm realizing more and more each day. And as I move forward that it is based off of this faith deconstruction because I felt so alone during that time, like I felt like I couldn't tell anybody about, like the coolest thing that ever happened to me. I felt like I was Harry Potter. Living with the Dursley is basically and it was just very hard and sad. And I was like, I don't even want to deal with this. I'm going to stuff this down. I'm not going to like. Just as not for me, I don't want to live with this. And I felt really low and I felt really scared. I, like, really struggled, even telling like the people I could trust in my inner circle, like my partner, my best friend like that was really weird to just, like, come out and be like, hey, so I know what your dog is thinking. I remember, like, I was texting my best friend, Kelsey, and. I was in my apartment and she was at her home and I was like, hey, I think I can talk to animals. And she's like, I freakin knew that. I'm like, What? And she's like, Yeah, I knew that. But it's fine. I'm glad that you're learning. And I was like, can I practice and can I talk to your dog? Like, I need to get permission from you. And she's like, Yeah, totally. And then we're cool. What do you want to know about Jacot? And I got those things right, which was really cool. And thank God Kelsey is cool and like, understands things. Kelsey, you're probably not listening, but I love you and it's fine. And telling Dylan was really hard to win when I first told him about it. And then I remember being at a family barbecue like a couple drinks and telling my best friend, cousin, like, I think I can talk to animals. And she was like, this is so weird. Are you a real person? Like, I don't know. We'll see. And it's just very weird to kind of go through that. I felt really alone. And I promised myself that if I could make one person feel less alone based on like what? I think with the whole spiritual up leveling that they go through, whether it's like experiencing like I'm realizing that I have this intuitive gift or I can channel this energy or I can speak late language, which is very cool. And I'm starting to learn more and more about I just I know my purpose is to be able to hold that like for people and. Know that, like, if I make one person feel less alone in that than like I did my job, you know what I mean? Because, like, I knew I just, you know, if I could go back to that summer and just, like, cradle my. Self from like like what, nine months ago, summer was, I don't know how time works, time is a human construct and ultimately doesn't matter. But if I could just go back then and hold myself, I would. And just like knowing that, like someone else who has been through it and like, I don't know. I just know that that's why she's here.

Meg [00:36:28] So, yeah, absolutely. I would I would totally agree with that because like you have you do have, like, such warm and light and like pure energy. And like I know that, like, you are here to help others and serve in that way. And so I think your entire journey is just so amazing. And it speaks a lot to the inner child and trust and safety surrender and leaning into that intuition and stuff. And so I think to kind of round this out and did I it was love for you to talk a little bit more about your intuition process, how people can find you, how they can work with you and all that good stuff.

Em [00:37:11] Yeah, absolutely so well, first you can find me on Instagram at emscimeca, I've been posting a lot recently about the different types of intuition there are, but I'll give you a brief little rundown now. Basically, one way you can start to really experience your intuitive hits and nudges and downloads is, one, recognize the fact that you're probably already getting them and not realizing that that's what is happening. So have you ever like the time when I turned around and, like, came back home and found Frankie, like, not looking his best after a fight with Roger? The guinea pigs, not actual human remains, I hope I made that clear sometime during this, but like recognizing that you get these little nudges and downloads, they happen all the time. Welcome them. You can ask for a little bit more of them. And I think even just like asking out loud for them will sound a little bit ridiculous, but it will help you like acknowledge them and be aware of them when you get more of them. So they might come in a couple of different categories. They're called the Claires and like there there's probably like four million of them. But I've seen lists of like 15, which is like a lot to remember. I can't remember all of them. And I feel like they kind of overlap a little bit. So I like to teach, like, the basics of the four Clares. Oh, my God, I'm going to like I'm going to mess up these words. So I'm going to look at this specifically. I hope that's OK. Let's see. YouTube digital. Taking a second to breathe, so this is all you can find this all on my Instagram feed, I try to make these little informative posts where you swipe or where you swipe or hit them, where you swipe for more details. So the four basic ways, you will probably receive intuitive guidance. The reason, the four basic ways, the clears, the ways that you'll receive intuitive guidance, clairvoyance, which is intuitive sight, you might get like a picture in your brain of like something. So this is a weird example, but I was throwing something out in my apartment a couple of weeks ago and I thought I saw something in the trash and I didn't. This is like a weird ass crystal ball situation, I guess, with my trash can. But I thought I saw this, like, candle that I can get at my local shop. It's like one of those little Rakhi charged candles, you know, the kind. And I thought I saw the one that was like it was such a, like, specific shade of pink. I was like, oh, that's like the love Rakhi charged candle. That's so weird. And I thought I saw it in the trash can and I was like going out later that day. And I was like, you know what, I'll pick up that candle because like, now I want it. That might have happened to you, too, not specifically with your trash crystal ball, but that might just be me. The next one is clear cognizance which is intuitive knowing so you might like. Just know something and not know why you do like I knew I needed to go back and check the stove. And, you know, we all know how that turned out because I kept telling that story, you might also receive guidance through clear sentience, which is intuitive feeling. So you might. I have trouble with this and. And Claire Cognizance, because sometimes you can say things like, I think this, but you'll say it like I feel like it's this. So it might be very similar for you, but it might also not be so like your mileage might vary. But for me, Claire, sentience is more of like an intuitive feeling in the body. This will come across more as a sensation rather than a form thought. So like sometimes people feel like a wave of something over their body. Like, for example, I work at a college and one time I was like accessing a student's record in our database. And I saw, like, the place where they live, like their address. Totally normal piece of information. I have seen addresses before. I know what they're like, but it was like a very specific town that I had never heard of. And I just got this, like, wave of heat all over my body. And I was like, whoa, that's important. And I don't know why, but I have a feeling that it is. I still haven't figured that out. But I'll update you if that ever becomes apparent to me now and then. This one is really cool. I'm learning even more about this because, like, it just fascinates me. You might receive intuitive guidance through a clear audience, which is intuitive hearing so that I can come across as like a thought that pops into your brain or you might hear something or you might hear like a song or you might have like a phrase get stuck in your head. That's like. Might be important, but you can't figure that out. Yeah, your eyes just lit up. Did that happen to you? That's really cool. These are all ways that, like, you probably had no freaking clue you were getting information like this, but you are. So we are all way more intuitively guided, powerful, like just really I don't know. This blows my mind. I love talking about this kind of stuff because. We all get it, but like you, you don't realize it until you and I have a conversation and then you're like, oh yeah, I do all this. So, yeah, you can basically read all of that in a Instagram post because I read it off of one of my Instagram posts just now. I to tag me in it if you're sure it's yours or. I don't know. Here's I. Something that I think is great about me and endearing about me is that I. I have have a great personality, so.

Meg [00:43:51] So for most of that, but what us have not seen for a lot of this podcast is me sitting here laughing my ass off in life because it is so funny and endearing and lovely. And she told me she jokes about being all of those things, but like, she actually is them. So don't don't be fooled.

Em [00:44:18] OK, thank you for loving me and having me on this podcast and seeing me for, like, the whole range of human emotion that I have been today.

Meg [00:44:28] Of course, we are in very similar spots today. So I, I totally honor that and welcome it. And I am so happy that you love me and that you're my friend and that you were willing to come on the podcast. I had so much fun recording this

Meg [00:44:47] It's super awesome. And I really hope that you guys all go and check out on Instagram and. She's amazing. She is such a powerful leader, such a powerful guide. And she also mentioned her meditation workbook kind of towards, the beginning of this, which I bought!

Em [00:45:06] And I mean, that was before I knew who you were. You were one of the four people that bought it. And I was like, who is this email address? And I looked you up and then I forgot. And then here we are being friends.

Meg [00:45:19] You know, I bought I bought Em's meditation Guide and it seriously changed the game for me, for meditation was something that I hated and I dreaded doing. I was like, I have to sit still for fucking 15 minutes and, like, clear my brain out. I'm like, how is that even possible? I'm like, this is not going to work for me. I'm like, not having it. And so I didn't meditate for a long time, but I bought her guide. It's like eleven dollars and eleven dollars I've ever spent time online because it helped me reconnect and be like, oh like meditation. It's whatever the fuck I want it to be good and I feel cleansed.

Em [00:45:58] All I thank you for that because like that was like the first thing I did. And I forget about it sometimes because I was like before my whole, like, life changed.

Meg [00:46:12] Well, it's amazing. So I hope people buy it.

Em [00:46:14] it's called Design your Zen and if you're interested, I like that's my handwriting on the cover. It's cute.

Meg [00:46:20] It is really cute and it's super helpful. So I really hope that you guys go check her out on Instagram, check out her meditation guide. And if you're feeling the call, work with her one on one for some intuitive guidance. I have even been thinking about kind of taking the leap just because it is really a powerful leader and she is very good at helping you uncover your gifts while holding space. Hey, I love you so much.

Em [00:46:45] Thank you for hyping me up.

Meg [00:46:48] Of course, is that's what this entire part of the podcast is. This part is is for is for me to hype you up and be your hype. Woman I'll always be your hype woman.

Em [00:46:59] Thank you.

Meg [00:47:02] Well, thank you again so much for coming on. I had so much fun, this was amazing and I can't wait for everyone to hear it.

Em [00:47:08] Yay! I had such a good time. I hope you didn't hear that, Pop, because that was my ankle. And I'm rapidly aging and we're just fine. Thank you for having me. And I can't wait to listen back to this and realize how ridiculous I am.

Meg [00:47:24] You're not ridiculous. And it has been fun, but. We'll go ahead and end it here and we'll just let em ride it out here and have a good day.

Em [00:47:39] Bye bye.

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