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The Creative's Space Ep. 16: Human Design + Astrology with Neha Jha

Below is the transcription for episode 16 of the Creative's Space podcast with special guest, Neha Jha. You can find Neha on Instagram @lovenehajha and you can find the episode on Apple or Spotify.

Meg [00:00:27] Hi, everyone, and welcome to the Creative Space podcast, I am your host, Megan Garcia, and today I am here with the lovely Neha. She is a astrologer, human design analyst, life coach and energy worker. And we actually met on Instagram. I found her through human design hashtags, I'm pretty sure. And she also is like mutuals with some of the other people I was following on Instagram, which made me so happy to have found you and to be in your space. So welcome.

Neha Jha [00:01:15] Thank you so much. And that's so funny that you found me maybe through hashtags because I was hashtag it up a storm for a moment. I was like, is this working? I don't know. Let's try it.

Meg [00:01:27] I'm pretty sure that it was it was like through like a human design business or human design coaching hashtag that I'm pretty sure that I found you through. And then I saw that you followed like my friend Em Scimeca, who's an animal intuitive and some other people. And I was like, oh, she has a beautiful profile. All of her graphics and everything are gorgeous. I'm like, and she's so knowledgeable. So it was so great to follow it, like, stumble upon your profile. Yeah.

Neha Jha [00:01:56] Thank you so much. I receive all of that.

Meg [00:02:00] Absolutely. I would love to hear about how you've gotten to how you've gotten to the place that you're at right now doing the work that you're doing.

Neha Jha [00:02:09] Yeah. I mean, it's like where do I start? I feel like I'm going to start with a Michael Scott reference because I feel like, you know, that's that's where I was at one point in my life. I think I was like twenty fifty. And I was just staring in the mirror at myself like. Michael Scott to my inner Toby, why are you the way that you are and it was just like I was really frustrated. I was like about 19 years old and 18, 19, and I had gone off to college and it was just like a terrible experience. It was like I think I went off out of state. It was my dream for the longest time to go out of state. I live in Texas. So I went to upstate New York and it was like I majored in trauma and then I came back. But because I wasn't, like, fully seeing myself through the lens of, like, we just experience a lot of trauma. I was just pretty much like, why are you the way that we are? Like, why are we like this? And my secret hobby of astrology had popped into my life. So I had studied it since I was a teenager and been surrounded by it since I was a kid. And like, you know, in my head, I'd be like, oh, but science. And at some point I just like delve deep into studying it secretly. But like, I kind of had, like, that shame because I was like, this is supposedly a pseudo science. I like real science. I'm so confused. And then I went off to school and I was just trying to be a doctor because that's what my parents told me to be. But turns out I should not like chemistry and need do not have chemistry, like just I'll leave it at that. And so. After I came back to Houston, Texas, after that wild experience, I was just like. Fed up, but luckily, one of my friends just randomly decided she was into astrology, and so I had studied this thing for many years, but my I don't know, human design at this time, but basically my manifesting generator self has something to respond to. My friend said she's into astrology and my sacral motor was like, wait a second. Aha. Like, I know so much about this thing and basically threw out one of the lowest periods of my time like life. This secret hobby kept me going and kept me interested, kept me curious. And so even though I was like at rock bottom, like literally holding myself with the same disdain Michael Scott has for Toby, I'm sorry if you guys don't watch the office or haven't seen it. And it was like astrology kind of was my healing modality. And I also started seeing a therapist and she introduced me to she was like, you should try mindfulness. And, you know, I still see her to this day. I love that woman. But at the same time as I did that, I booked a session with an astrologer who was like, you should look into healing. Do you meditate? I was like, no. And she was like, you should meditate. Healing is going to fulfill you in this lifetime. And I was like, OK, so I was like, these two people have been telling you to meditate, let me just fuck around and try it. So I did. And it just that kind of started me on the path. And eventually I was just reading everyone's charts like everyone that I knew, coworkers, friends, classmates and people were like, no, stop reading our charts and go start a business. And so that's how I started a business. And yeah, that was I started my business in January of twenty eighteen. So it's been three years.

Meg [00:06:05] Wow, that's so awesome, that's so awesome, and I love I love that you started with astrology. I feel like astrology is like kind of like the gateway to like so many of these other things, like human design, like mindfulness meditation, even breath work. I feel like it like all like kind of like usually stems from astrology, especially because astrology is a little bit more normalized, like, you know, it's in the magazines, like when you're growing up as a kid that you can see there on the television, like I remember getting like little like books and things are like little emails when I was like, I don't know, 12 that were like astrology updates from like Babi or whatever it was. But yeah. So I feel like that's been such a gateway for so many of us to enter into this kind of work. And I love that because astrology really does teach you so many things I feel like now.

Neha Jha [00:07:01] Yes. I feel like the way I look at it is astrology is your story. Human design is your strategy. Energies the work. And hi, I'm your girl Neha. But coming back to that story piece, I feel like that's what it gives us. For me, I'm never like I'm going to tell my clients something they don't know about themselves and I'm just going to blow them up. That's that's what I'm doing. It's more like I'm helping you see yourself in the stars, see the archetypes, see the nuances, see what's on Rippey, see what's on shuffle that look, I help you see that like I help you see the story and the orchestra and the music in the background. And it's like I'm not alone. And I think that's what astrology gave to me. Like when I was at that lowest point back in twenty, fifteen and sixteen. And. I. Looked at the astrology of certain dates that things happened, like whether it was like a traumatic event or like a really awesome event, or I met someone who ended up being a great friend, like what was going on in the stars. And I would overlay on top of my chart and look at progressions for that day. And just like all these different lenses. It was like. Oh, like, OK, there's some sort of divine design out here, I'm not just out here suffering alone and the universe does not have my back like it helped me see the stars and just be like, OK, like, that's so cool. And I don't know, there it's just something fun and healing about that.

Meg [00:08:42] Yeah, something grounding. I said that like it's like the gateway to all of these other things. It is the gateway, but it's also usually like really misunderstood as well. And so I really love that you talk about how you cover the nuances and, you know, the deeper levels and like the layering of charts and things like that of like astrology for the day. Like, I I started a project with a friend and we actually made a birth chart for the project so we could look at like what was going on. And of course, it was like, you know, a project about play and creativity. And there was tons of Leo in the birth chart. Right. Like the birth chart of this project we created like this helpful thing and it was just it was so fun to do that. But I would have never known to do that unless I took an astrology course because astrology is so misunderstood.

Neha Jha [00:09:40] Oh, my gosh, I mean, like people, I love a good joke and I love a good meme and I love all that stuff, but like, you hate you hate aside, you're like, oh, I can't stand Tauruses or I can't stand one twelfth of a population based on the day they were born. That's goofy to me. I think there's it's funny to joke about and have meetings about like I definitely have my leg. I'd never do it again kind of thing, though. I love love. My job is another one, my favorite science. But it's not it's not some science. It's about. You have all the freaking signs in your chart, you have every single planet, you have all the houses, you even have asteroids and fixed stars and all these different layers. You are the universe. And I feel like the lens I come into a human design practice with is this lens of wholeness, of like let's look at you as a Holbein. Let's look at like. You know, dipping into human design, I'm all about putting the human and human design, these aren't systems you give your power away to. These aren't systems that are your authority. These are systems that are charts and maps to guide yourself back home to yourself. But the math is not the territory you are. It's not about the actual chart. It's about the way you feel and the way you move through the world, the way you honor what's aligned for you and reclaim your power, because there's a lot of systemic harm and there's lots of systems of oppression that will pull you and try to box you in and say you have to be this, this, this to be acceptable. And if you're not that, then you have to conform, deal with it kind of, you know, like that kind of mess. And so coming into these systems, I'm not here for people being like I'm a projector, so I can't do anything. Oh, I'm a manifesting generator. So I'm always going to be scattered and a mess and like, never be balanced or blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, or I'm a cancer or so I'm always going to cry and be emotional and like, no, no, no. I come in with my sort of love and cut through that bullshit. This is not about putting ourselves in more boxes. It's about coming into how we feel in our lives, in our body, how we can feel with different layers of awareness. And honestly, if human design and astrology doesn't resonate with you, that is OK. There are so many practices for self development and self exploration and play and spirituality that you get to find what feels real for you.

Meg [00:12:25] I love I love that you say that. I feel like I at least in my experience, I'm sure that you can relate as well. There are some people that just hold like these systems, astrology, human design, even like the Enneagram or any of these other ones. You know, they hold it to be like the law of the land, like this is the way it's my way or the highway. Like if you don't listen to me and like what I am saying or like follow your design to this tee or do this, this and this according to your birth chart, like, it's like you are not going to see the same results as like, you know, if you did, do you follow all of these steps and have this like written rule book? But you're right, it's so much more than that. It's so much more than a set of rules or a set of characteristics or a set of traits or even, you know, just stars in the sky. It's so much more than that. And so I love that you really take the holistic approach and that you also say like it's OK if it doesn't resonate, it doesn't have to in order for you to take something from it still.

Neha Jha [00:13:30] Yes, yes. Yes. Human and astrology, they're not personality tests. They're not belief systems. They're energetic systems. They'll let you know about the energy. There's different archetypes and energies. Energy communicates through symbols and archetypes and stories and myths and, you know, really choosing words selectively. You know, one of the systems that goes into making and synthesizing what human design is, is the etching, and that is from China that's super ancient. So I'm also really over people being like Ra Ra, who is the end all be all of you. Come on. No, no. Again, with my sort of love. Cut that bullshit out. He was just the manifestation who channeled it through. But we all have access to this energy, to this wisdom, and it goes so far back. But coming back to the itching, the itching, you know, is a a tool of divination from China. And it's ancient and it basically has sixty four hexagram and the etching translates to the book of changes and it's a wheel and it lets you know the different flavors of energy, the different nuances. So there are sixty four Hexagram and Lexigrams Hexis six. So there is six lines inside of each of these sixty four hexagram. So like there are so many energies in that and so we don't just have a sun sign. We our sun is in a particular gate in a particular line. And when you start seeing those layers in your human design, when you actually go back to the roots, astrology again is so old, has roots all over the world. And one of the reasons, like I truly believe in astrology because, you know, that scientific brain and my academic brain would always come online for me like and being like, am I scamming people? Like, what if this is all a lie? But I'm like, is this all a lie? If. Pretty much indigenous people all over the world in what we now call South America, what we now call Mexico and what we call North America, in Europe, in India, in China, in the Middle East, like all over the world. Egypt, I'm sure there are like because astrology was born from humans living in tune with the earth, living with nature. And looking up at the sky for guidance, that is how different different peoples came to develop their cultures and their communities and families and lineages and all of that stuff, I just see, like people in the undesigned astrology, just spiritual online business world are just completely missing. People are over here calling this stuff woo woo. I'm like, it's not woo woo. It's ancient show some respect. Like, that's that's really as a South Asian woman from Nepal, like that's the energy am coming into this with.

Meg [00:16:49] Right, in which I 100 percent understand there is there is so much culture and history tied to so many of these practices that it feels it feels really disrespectful to call it. I've always had kind of a problem with that to talk about spiritual. I'm like, you know, like spirituality or like, you know, different healing modalities or things like that. I'm like, just because you don't believe in it, like quote unquote, believe in it does not mean that, like, you get to discredit it. Like, imagine if we called it Christianity. We will. Right. People would be throwing a riot in the streets right now like we could. Could you imagine? Could you imagine. I'm like we would never talk about, like Christianity that way or Islam or Judaism, like we would never talk about any major religion that way. So I'm like, why would we talk about spirituality that way?

Neha Jha [00:17:41] I think it's really goofy. I don't have another word at this moment. It's just like goofy because it's just unaligned, you know, and the way sometimes you look at things that are unaligned and I sometimes either want to laugh or I feel angry and I feel like both right now because it's like. You know, I think of and I respect all religions and all belief systems, and I feel like people should follow what feels good to them and find faith or not find faith in whatever system resonates with them. And I feel like I grew up in Texas around a lot of Christianity. And so I picked up on a lot of these stories and the story of the three wise men looking up at the stars to find baby Jesus. I mean, you you cannot tell me they were not astrologers like Kabab and like even the energy of, like, rituals that go into different traditions in Islam or in Christianity or Judaism or Hinduism or like different belief systems all over the world. There is this energetic level. There is this level of I think people call it woo woo because they don't know what else to call it. They don't know how to put words to it. And that's that's what Energetics is. It's hard to put words.

Meg [00:19:11] Yeah, yeah, absolutely, I think that that's such such an important part of it because it is really hard to put words to it, which I think is another reason why creative's in particular are especially drawn to any type of energy work like astrology or human design, even breath work, yoga or anything like that, anything where you feel the energy. I feel like creatives are really called to that.

Neha Jha [00:19:38] Oh, yes, I totally agree,

Meg [00:19:41] so I would love to ask you about how your creativity has been supported through human design and astrology in your own life.

Neha Jha [00:19:51] Oh my gosh. OK, so my sun so I my sun and my astrology chart is in Leo and I always like as a kid was like, I am definitely a Leo. I wanted to be a Bollywood actress. And then when I learned human design, I saw that it's in gate fifty six, in line six. So when I saw this. Fifty six is the gate of the storyteller, the wanderer, the traveler. This energy is like if you've read a lot of Sufi poetry like Rumi or Hafiz, like there's this energy like being drunk on the divine wine and just like losing yourself in the divine. And when I started looking into the gene keys, which are a system based on the chain, which is a really great thing to look at alongside your human design. When I was reading about that, the highest vibration of gate fifty six is called divine intoxication. I read that I was like, OK. And when I started reading a little bit more and started talking about how. Like. This energy of the connection between the flesh and the divine of these sensual earthly pleasures and the way we can transmute that into a divine connection. And so, yes, you know, you can see a see an experience that through things like drugs and alcohol, but also things like breath or experiences or storytelling or belly laughter. But it's these kind of things that help you get lost in the moment. And it's a super playful energy and it's in the throat chakra. And the voice of deep fifty is, I believe so. You know, I've actually I've been studying human design for four years now. I discovered it in twenty seventeen. But I just recently uncovered, like, really sat with this, this layer of OK, so gate 56 is a voice I believe. OK, and I have the Arjuna or the one of the mind centers. I have actually both the mind centers open. So there's, it's not my voice doesn't come from this place of like I think someone who's Eisenach next to the throat, they might it's correct for them to come in like with the I think this is my insight. Here's my thought. But for me, I'm now experimenting with what if I instead of saying I think or I feel because again, I have the emotion or I didn't say this, but I have the emotional center completely open. So instead of coming from I think and I feel which I've picked up on around my world, I'm starting to now say I believe so. I believe this. I believe that. OK, and I've spent the first three, the first quarter of this of twenty twenty one coming back to the roots of my business and being like, OK, why do I start this thing, what are my values, what am I doing here? Who do I want to work with. I've been kind of sitting with that. And. With gate 56, like with this awareness of my human design, I'm just like, what do I believe and how do I like? And there's a big creative freedom in this because now I get to like instead of, you know, you can come into the lens of looking at your business values and mission from a different place. From a place. All right. Let's get this all in order. Let's get this figured out. Come on now. Let's box it up and understand it. But that that shit is whack. I'm not here for at least based on my energetic design for someone that might be correct. But for me, coming from this lens of like, playful, like I start a business to do shit I hate. And I understand that there is like a level of like you got to eat a shit sandwich no matter what you do like. But I don't really want it to be more than 20 percent of my time to be spent on doing things I don't like. So then I kind of start getting creative in my business and coming from the sense of like, what do I get to do? How do I get to play? What do I get to create here? And I want to create life experiences. So like something I'm creating in my business now is like a VIP, like a luxury weekend. And the energy is like it's all taken care of. And like as a manifesting generator, every time I work on it or talk about it, I can feel my sacro literally turn on and like rev up and be like the energy is rising up. I'm here, I want to express this. And so I feel like that's how human design and astrology really helped me like tap into my creativity and not create like for a long time I was like, I'm not a creative person. I'm not a creative person. Plot twist. The literal like thing for Leo is I create. So I am a creative person. But it was just like coming into doing it my way and not having to be like, oh, it doesn't have to be like paintings though. It can be. If I feel like painting that day, it gets to be creating a business, it gets to be creating content, you get to playing with Cannava, it gets to be being creative with the structure of my sessions or my offers. So that's been really fun for me.

Meg [00:25:27] I love that you said all of that because like that is like my like purpose, like here on this earth is to like people that like creating doesn't have to be this, like, big thing. You know, it doesn't have to be this like I feel like and this all comes from the fact that, like so many of us see like play pleasure and fun as like something we like go do like it's like asked if he planned. It has to be structured, it has to be like this thing that like we've been talking about and wanting to do and like me, build up all of these like walls and expectations around it. When it gets to be small moments in creativity, it's to be the same way. It gets to be that like creating in Canada and making new templates or whatever it is. It gets to be updating your website. It gets to be writing a podcast or like writing a podcast note or a podcast like proposal. It gets to be writing a post on Instagram. It gets to be so many things. And we we don't have to paint or make this giant sculpture or, you know, draw really well or, you know, do something like so big for it to be creativity in the method of creation.

Neha Jha [00:26:45] I love what you shared about how we see creativity, fun, pleasure, play as things we have to do and we put walls around it. I think of like how family game night is like hyped up and then like you end up fighting on a family game night. And it's just like because people have different expectations, like one family member is like, I just want to get this over with. One family members, like I've been waiting for this all week. And one, family members, like has something else on their mind. They're stressed about work or school, but here they are trying to play freaking board game because that's what they're supposed to do. And then it ends up not creating fun or more pleasure or more play. It creates conflict. That's like a story I've seen in my life with, like. Like, I have a 10 year old sister who keeps me, keeps me, keeps me youthful and just seeing that she really loves games and like playing, and sometimes I dread trying to, like, set up a board game or set up a service or, like painting. She's super talented, an artist. Like I have her art on my walls and I pay her good money for it.

Meg [00:28:03] So sweet. That's so sweet. I feel like the inner artist is like, oh my God, yes.

Neha Jha [00:28:09] I love I love paying her and like doing like kind of encouraging her and supporting her on that path. But for me, sometimes painting can be really fun and it's like when it's spontaneous, but sometimes it's like she's like, come with me. And it's like the last thing I want to do because I don't want to then go clean the brushes and then like I have to like check my outfit to make sure it's something I'm OK with getting paint on. And like all these different things that. Just aren't as fun for me, so I love everything you shared there.

Meg [00:28:45] Yeah, yeah, absolutely will, and I always I always tell people, like, it doesn't, you know, like everything that like not everything has to be fun and everything that is fun is not going to be fun the entire time. Like, there are the like the interesting thing is, is I I created a quiz like it's so it's the creative archetypes, but it's based off of the types of fun. And there's three different types of fun according to outdoor. Recreational is right. There's like type one fun where it's like fun, it's easygoing, not hard at all. Not strenuous. Like you're going to have fun the whole time. There's like type or type one point five fun, which is like it's kind of strenuous. It kind of sucks at some points. But like you're having fun and you're doing it anyways because, you know, the end is going to be worth it. Right. Type two, fun is the type of fun we're like it's hard, it's strenuous. It might not be worth it at the end and it might even be kind of dangerous. So like thinking like climbing Mount Everest, like that is like that is not my idea of fun. Absolutely not like that. That sounds like a lot of work. That sounds really heavy on my back. Sounds really bad on my knees. Like I'm not like I'm down for a leisurely hike. I don't want to do Mt. Everest like that would be type two fun for me. Dangerous and not happening. But those are like the three levels, right. So there are different, different varying degrees of fun and things that are fun sometimes are not always fun. So like you said, like cleaning the brushes and making sure that, like, you have clothes on that you don't mind getting paint on. And then if you have paint on your hands and you might have to work outside of the home later, like you're going to have paint on your hands and like not doesn't always look great. Or like people are like afraid to shake your hand. I mean, we're in covid, so that's not really good anymore. But yeah. No, so not everything that's fine has to be fun all the time or is fun all of the time. And that's OK. Like you can choose a million other things to do.

Neha Jha [00:30:42] Wow, I, I love to hear that, but I'm in this season of life where I want type one kind of fun or type one point five percent of fun where it's like easy and I'm not thinking and it's like woo! Or like I'm working on my business and it's challenging, but it's like meaningful. And I'm getting through it and I'm having fun along the way. But type two kind of right now is not the season for me.

Meg [00:31:12] No, no, definitely not the season for me either. And I think that's like a really important reminder to you that, like, if you're feeling like it's starting to feel like that type to kind of fun, like that's a good thing. Maybe it's time to take a step back and evaluate whether or not you're still having fun. You might be, which is totally cool. Keep going. Keep it, keep it going. If you're not, though, like it's OK to stop. Like, I think that there's also this misconception, like creativity and fun that like, if you started it, you have to stop like well, like I agreed to go to the party, so like I have to go now or like I started this paint project. So like, now that I already have all this stuff out, I need to finish it. Or like I started this business project and because I've already talked about it, like, I need to finish it and I need to give it to everyone, you have to you know, you don't need to do anything like you can stop. You can quit. It's OK.

Neha Jha [00:32:05] My job, it's OK, yes, I receive that because I feel like being a manager, I always love having different things going on in my life. Like I like to have this thing and then be able to stop that thing and then go to another thing and then stop work altogether and go get some tacos and then like just this kind of bouncy manage energy. And in that, like I have so like I have a tick tock series that Sofya and I have a bunch of content in and I'm making an opt in that for my human desire library, that's going to be Sofya and I have these ideas, this cute full moon post that I still haven't posted. It's been a couple days since the full moon and I'm like, I should still post it. But it's like there's this element of me getting lost in the shouldst. Like, OK, like yeah. Like there's true energy. Like how I really feel is like I started the Tock series I had, I posted my first tick tock. It was a fire launch date. So I know when I go back and complete this project, my launch date will support me in that as an astrologer, that's like what I do for myself. But like this kind of other part of me is like. No, we have to be wired to you, people are waiting. Some people texted you about this TOCK project and how they're so excited about every single real you make and every tick tock you make for all the signs. And here you are a whole month later and you're thinking about doing it next week, like, you know. And it's just like holding both those awarenesses at once and kind of leaning back into the one that feels truer to me, which is it will get done when it gets done. Nature does not hurry yet. Everything is complete.

Meg [00:33:55] Yes, yes, absolutely. And I feel like at that point, I always see this, too, like at that point, like creating isn't fun anymore. Creating is it for the sake of creativity. It's for the sake of like needing to get it done. Because of what? Because someone said you should or someone asked about it. You think you should. Yeah. Because you think you should look like why why do you have to do that. Like it doesn't have to be that way. I, I think we will wrap it up probably around here though, because if not I think we could literally talk for forever. But I would love to know if you have any tips for creatives who are looking or who are wanting to utilize astrology and human design. Do you have any tips on where they should start? Any tips of what they should look at in their charts or anything like that?

Neha Jha [00:34:52] OK, so look at your or a type that will be like how that's like the why behind your strategy. I think a lot of people fear their strategy. They projected like wait and wait for an invitation. What the heck is that? Or generators are like respond. But I want to do things and manifestos are like initiate. I'm tired and angry and reflectors are like, wait, twenty eight fucking days, are you nuts? And we just we order that we honor all of those things. And the reason your strategy is the way it is because of your aura. If your generator is open, you want to be engaged. This includes manifesting generators. You are primarily a generator type. So you want to engage with your world. You want to feel turned on your auras open because you want to see what's up and respond to that. Manifestoes your auras closed and impacting because you are here to initiate and you need to be a little bit closed off from the rest of us so that you can bring through fresh energy. The Protector's. You are here to wait for an invitation because your aura is focused, it pinpoints in and it goes in and you see a little too much sometimes. So that's why people aren't always ready to receive your guidance is because they are ready to see that part of them. But when you wait for an energetic opening or a moment of recognition or an invitation, then it's like you're ready because you've you've been doing the work to get ready for this moment. And chance favors the prepared mind and reflectors. You wait twenty eight days because you were completely open. You need the moon to go through the whole entire motorcycles. You can activate every single gate in your chart and so you can reflect on decisions from every different energetic angle and then you'll know what's correct for you. So I think start there and then also look at your son gate, which I shared in my story earlier.

Meg [00:36:46] I love both of those tips, thank you so much for sharing and I that's another thing is human design. Auras are not talked about nearly as much like you talk about like your profile and your type and all of those other things. You don't talk about your aura. So I love that you brought that up. But I would also love for you to share where people can find you, how they can connect with you and if you have any offers or ways to work with you.

Neha Jha [00:37:11] Yes. OK, so my online home is It's spelled exactly the way the name of the podcast. Just squish everybody together and you can go there. I'm also on Instagram. I love nature and I love going deep with people and creating transformation and like not just having a cute little human design reading, which we love those, but really going deep into working together and actually embodying and being comfortable with your designs, like unpeeling the layers and coming into your assets and all the healing work that goes into that. So I'd love to support you that my current offer is my private coaching. I have four to 12 month containers and I also have my weekends and you can find all the details on my website.

Meg [00:38:08] Oh, thank you so much for sharing all of that and thank you so much for being here today. This was such a good, powerful conversation. Will have to have you back on the pod as soon as. Yes. We'll have to have you back on the pod to talk about the astrology of summer or maybe a year update halfway through. We'll do something fun we'll come up with. Yes, but we have to have you back on because this was so fun and it was such a pleasure to talk to you. So thank you. A pleasure. All right. Well, everyone, thank you so much for listening. And you will find us back here next week by.

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