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Sustainable Fashion

This entire week I have been feeling really inspired about fashion after seeing the Dior exhibit at the art museum in Denver on Sunday!

The week has been crazy busy and I have felt like I have not been as productive as I should be, but I still wanted to take a little time to write about sustainable fashion and brands that I love.

Fast fashion is described by Investopedia as, "inexpensive designs that move quickly from the catwalk to stores to meet new trends"

This is not only harmful for our environment, but ultimately ends up costing us more. Instead of partaking in fast fashion I have been finding ways to shop sustainably.

One of my favorite things to do is to go to thrift stores to shop. I recently went to the Buffalo Exchange here in CO to look around and I found the coolest pair of orange vans! I also frequent a lot of local thrift stores in the Fort Collins area to find furniture, clothes, and often jars!

When I was looking into sustainable fashion I also found the Swap Society where you join and send in clothes and get new clothes in return! Seems super easy and super cool-- I am going to send in some clothes that my sister and I have. The link is Aside from re-purposing clothes through the use of thrift stores there are a lot of sustainable brands out there who create awesome clothes!

Disclaimer: Sustainable has many definitions and practices, the businesses I feature in this post either use sustainable materials and/or have sustainable and ethical business practices.

Girlfriend I found this brand about a year ago and splurged on some athletic wear after the holidays and I am so glad I did! They make their products from plastic water bottles and come in the cutest colors. I ordered some slate grey leggings, a pink colored pair, and a teal sports bra! I am so impressed with the quality, the fit, and the style. They are so comfy and such good material. Absolutely worth the price especially since they are a company with such amazing values!

This is the only other sustainable brand that I have tried so far but I have a list of some I have been wanting to try and I posted the links below! Everlane Alternative Tamga Ecovibe

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