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Lead Generation Super Tool-- Quizzes

Lead generation is the process of identifying and creating a community of potential leads for your business. What this really means, is that you are attracting ideal clients to your business, growing your community, and overtime are creating new sales. (Check out my blog all about lead generation here.)

The essential component of a lead generation strategy is a strong lead magnet that helps solve a problem your community is facing or provides insights for folks about themselves or their business.

While quizzes require a lot of backend and upfront work, they are incredibly effective lead magnets for entrepreneurs and small businesses. Interact Quizzes, which is a platform for hosting quizzes, reports that just over 40% of people start and fill out the lead information, and 65% of people answer all of the questions when they hit the start button.

Generally, conversion for landing pages and freebies is 20-30%.

Why is all of this important? Because quizzes build email lists with the leads which creates a platform to share different types of content without being subjected to social media algorithms.

PLUS, email marketing is the highest converting method of marketing.

So having a high converting lead generation tool that provides quality leads to build an email list is a great way for entrepreneurs and small businesses to market their offers and community.

Since quizzes are targeted towards a specific subject or topic, they are a great way to generate targeted, quality leads that are interested in the kinds of content and offers a business provides.

Some other benefits of using quizzes for lead generation include:

  1. they are interactive forms of content

  2. they can make sometimes stale content more fun and engaging

  3. they can help gain more insights about a community and personalize follow ups

  4. they can serve people in different stages of the client or customer journey

Quiz creation can be complex and confusing and really depends on the topic, type, and outcomes for the quiz.

Below I'll share a breakdown of my quiz, The Creative Process quiz, some different quiz types, quizzes to check out, and some general tips for quiz creation.

Different Types of Quizzes:

  • The Creative Process Quiz— provides insights for low energy entrepreneurs about how they approach creating and creativity which are then used to provide business reflections— the quiz breaks all participants into one of the 5 process types

  • Archetype Quizzes— I've seen a few variations of these and they can be customizable for different niches! You can use established archetypes or you can create your own. This is about creating space for reflection and insights. The Creative Process quiz would be what I consider an archetype quiz.

  • Product Selecting Quizzes— the questions are designed to connect the participant to a product or offer. These are great for product based businesses or folks who have multiple offers geared towards different areas of a topic.

Other Examples of Quizzes:

General Tips for Quiz Creation:

  • I would not have more than 15 questions for a free quiz! You generally want it to take under 5 minutes to fill out.

  • Talk through the questions and answers with a friend or colleague! This will help you figure out the wording and answer format.

  • Try to have different question types like fill in the blanks, choosing the one you resonate with most, etc.

  • Figure out what the quiz is doing or providing for folks. What is the end goal? Having a clear outcome and next step from the quiz will help you with overall creation and formulation.

How to Host a Quiz:

There are tons of softwares out there that will host quizzes for lead generation. They are generally not inexpensive though so creating a quiz is definitely an investment.

You could always use a free option like Google Forms, but it will require more simple formatting and likely some Zapier automations to make sure that people are receiving the correct information after they submit the quiz. Which means it may not be completely free.

I have personally used Interact and Outgrow to host the Creative Process quiz and I am currently using Outgrow. I like it a lot! There are some tricks to setting it up depending on how you structure the quiz, but nothing that can't be figured out most of the time. Plus the Outgrow support team has always been helpful to me.

Quiz Hosting Platforms:

If you are interested in creating a quiz but need help or want someone else to set it up, email me! I love doing this type of work and would love to help you make a quiz for your business that supports your audience and business cohesively.

Send information to

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