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work with me

The Creative Archetype quiz is based on the 16 styles of play, the 3 types of outdoor recreation, and my work with creatives over the last 3 years. This quiz is meant to help you have more fun in business and create a compassionate and creative marketing strategy.

Breathwork can be an amazingly supportive tool for creatives and entrepreneurs. Utilizing a 3-part active breathing pattern, I facilitate an hour long session with guided imagery, affirmations, and gentle music to help you sink into a deep state of relaxation.

I specialize in email and Pinterest services. I offer a full set up option including lead magnets from start to finish, email marketing set up, Pinterest optimization and templates, monthly management services, and more. Learn more about how we can work together. 

I am beginning to take a couple of clients in a 1:1 mentorship capacity to help support creating a compasssioate marketing strategy and sustainable business that works for each individual I work with. Learn more about mentorship below.

Check out our free resources! We have a Creative Archetype quiz to help you create compassionate marketing, breathwork for creatives, play + fun tips for creatives, and the Creative's Space community. You can also book a coffee + creativity call with me for free!