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You don't need a coach or a service provider as a creative entrepreneur...

I’m not a service provider or mentor that believes you need me or my services.

I like to tell my clients that there isn’t anything that I can do, that they can’t.

So then why would anyone hire me?

The reason folks hire me is often because…

1) they don’t have the time to be able do whatever service it is or they don’t have the time to learn how to do it or

2) they are looking for support and accountability outside of themselves to ensure they are moving the needle forward in their business.

People don’t hire you as a service provider because they can’t do XYZ service and/or set-up— they hire you because they know that you will get it done quickly, efficiently, and they don’t have to worry about it anymore.

People don’t hire you as a mentor or coach because they can’t build a business on their own— they hire you because they resonate with your message and think support in this season could be helpful.

A lot of traditional business advice insists that you position yourself as an expert, often unintentionally creating a hierarchy between you and your community/clients.

When approaching our marketing and business it is important to consider how we are positioning ourselves.

Are we looking to maintain authority in anyway? Are we somehow suggesting that we know best?

Talking about our services in a way that broaches the subject from a level playing field can be a helpful way for helping our community make empowered decisions. ✨

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