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Why Pinterest is My New Favorite Tool in Business

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

As an online entrepreneur with a brain that thinks creatively about marketing and lead generation, I am always looking for new ways to leverage my presence and grow my community.

2020 really tested my patience with being an online entrepreneur and showed me how much of a disservice I was doing to myself by primarily utilizing Instagram for my lead generation strategy.

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Instagram is where I like many, got my start in entrepreneurship. It is where I really learned about what entrepreneurship could do for me and what that could maybe look like. Instagram has been a wonderful source of creative fulfillment for me, but it doesn't do the job for me when it comes to generating leads for my business.

I've always known that Pinterest was a good place for me and my business, but I always struggled to truly implement a strategy. That was until quarantine hit hard in March of 2020 when I was spending all of my time at home, and a lot of that time was spent on Pinterest. I was able to grow my account to 25,000 monthly viewers in the span of a month because of how frequently I was pinning. As things began to pick again, and quarantine began to lift a little I fell off of my pinning schedule making my reach drop. Understanding that consistency is key to any platform, I have been spending the majority of the last half of 2020 learning the BEST marketing strategies that will support a Pinterest and lead generation strategy.

I am loving the results I am getting so far for myself and for the clients I have been starting to take. Pinterest is all about beautiful imagery and creating quality content that helps people solve some sort of solution.

When we think of online entrepreneurship and marketing, many of us think about utilizing the next, new, upcoming platforms and tools and we can neglect some well established platforms, like Pinterest. We often jump to the next things because that is what we are supposed to do and we can stop ourselves from building a solid foundation on established platforms.

Some of the things I have loved about Pinterest include:

-How easy it is to use

-How little the platform has changed over the course of it's lifetime

-It is it's own entity that seamlessly integrates with all other social platforms

-It is so flipping easy to automate and schedule out Pinterest to run on auto-pilot, making it a great tool for solopreneurs looking to optimize their lead strategy.

Below is a snippet from my workbook about utilizing Pinterest for your business:

Pinterest is a platform that has been around for a long time and it is not a widely used tool-- making it an amazing resource for your business as long as you are willing to provide some consistency.

Pinterest has a higher level of engagement allowing you to get more leads and ultimately more sales. Pinterest is also a way to repurpose your content into an automated stream that you can use to your advantage.

Other benefits of using Pinterest include:

  • Leads on Pinterest are more likely to lead to sales with some places citing an 80% higher chance that your lead will end with a sale.

  • Engagement on Pinterest is super high and it is easy to build a community.

  • You can easily automate Pinterest with different tools and it integrates with most major social platforms.

  • Pinterest popularity spans multiple generations because of its versatility and ability to go viral with providing quality content.

  • Pinterest utilizes keywords and SEO to drive more traffic to your website from customers who are looking for solutions that you have to offer.

  • There are TONS of monthly users and many different audiences that allow you to foster community and grow.

Ready to start really utilizing Pinterest for your business?

Download my free workshop about getting started with Pinterest!

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