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Email Subject Lines + Ideas

Updated: May 18, 2022

The subject line of an email is the most important part because it is the first thing that someone sees and it often makes or breaks the open rate.

Your open rate is simply how many people opened your email when you sent it! Generally, open rates for emails are lower but the overall conversion rate is higher for email since these leads are often "warm" leads.

The headline of your email is going to be the first thing that your audience sees and will affect how many people ultimately end up opening the email.

There are a few different types of email headlines you can utilize including:

  • Curiosity- this piques the interest of the person opening it

  • Self Interest- this communicates a direct benefit for the person opening it

  • Offer/Sales Oriented- this is a free or paid offer for your audience

  • Humanity- this is showing your email list you are indeed a human, and not a robot

  • News- this helps keep your audience up to date with things in your niche and it helps build authority

  • Social Proof- this helps build trust and authority with your audience

Try some of the ideas listed below! All of these ideas can be modified to be your own:

  • Discover the secret to...

  • Learn my top # ways to...

  • # steps to...

  • A solid step-by-step system to...

  • Let me show you my #1 tip to...

  • 5 Amazing ______ (products, services, ideas, tips, etc.) to help you...

  • Make the most of...

  • Struggling to ______? Read how I...

  • Ready to take your ______ to the next level?

  • Free _____ (resources, workbook, product, etc.) that will...

  • Feeling overwhelmed? Let's ______ together.

  • Everything you wanted to know about ________ but were too afraid to ask.

  • Questions about ________

  • Your new favorite ________ tool

  • Is this you?

  • __________ is/are not the answer to ______.

  • When was the last time you ____?

  • Surprise! When (insert opinion) is actually bad advice.

  • You are not alone....

  • We have _______ in common...

  • The underused components of _____

  • % off your favorites!

  • Gift ideas for ______

  • # lessons I learned while _______

  • [Best of ____] # ______ elements to use for _____

  • The new rules of ______

  • The Ultimate Guide to...

  • The word of the day:______

  • Struggling with _____? Try this!

  • [ANNOUNCEMENT] In case you missed it...

  • New EP: Check out this _____ (podcast, Youtube, etc. you can even just be a guest!)

  • I have good news and bad news...

  • 10 Books every _____ should read

  • 3 keys to _____

  • The _____ (content, system, product, book, etc.) that changed everything for me.

  • Create _____ with spending little to no money.

  • Your FREE Resource!

  • Stop saying ____. Unleash your ________

  • You deserve this-- sign up for ____

  • Discover the art of _____.

  • PSSSSTTT. Want to know _____?

  • Let me show you _____.

  • Tap into the power of _____.

  • Craving something new? Try this!

  • Are you tired of _____?

  • 2022 is the year of ______

Let me know if you try any of these ideas and if they have supported your email + marketing strategy. Be sure to check out the other blogs I have about email, email marketing, and more.

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