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Sustainability in the Bathroom

Since my sustainable kitchen post did so well, I wanted to talk about what I do to lead a more sustainable life in the bathroom! I have talked a lot about how sustainable living isn’t always the easiest and can be difficult, but it is important if you have the capability. Sustainability takes a conscious effort in your everyday life especially in world that has conditioned us to want convenience over all other values. I didn’t want to initially write this post because I didn’t feel like I was far enough along in my sustainable bathroom journey to share. But it is never going to be the perfect moment to share.

Huge disclaimer: I am not nearly as sustainable in the bathroom as I am in the kitchen. I wish that I was willing to give up everything for the sake of sustainability but there are some things I really feel like I need. (loosely said) I will not compromise my contacts, my quip toothbrush ( I feel like it really cleans my teeth!), and some other miscellaneous items.

Listed below are some of the things I already do, things I am planning on doing, and other sustainable tips! (I will post an update about what products I try, other things I try, etc).

-I use a quip brush, but I used to use a bamboo toothbrush: there are a bunch of different sustainable toothbrushes you can find at places like Target etc. There are some made out of recycled plastic, some made out of bamboo, etc.

-I use tea tree oil on my face: Instead of buying spot treatment that comes in plastic packaging I have been using tea tree oil on my face and it works really well for me! I use a lot of essential oils for different things but I absolutely love using it in my skin care routine.

-I want to be better at using more natural cosmetics and skin care: This is something I am trying to work on! I want to start buying skin care and cosmetics that come in recyclable packaging, glass jars, etc. I need to do some more research on some sustainable beauty brands but I will report back!

-Buying jar toothpaste, and a glass container for floss: Instead of buying toothpaste that comes in plastic tubing I want to start buying toothpaste that comes in jars! The packaging is sustainable and often the ingredients are much better for you! At online shops—or maybe even some local stores!-- you can get toothpaste in a jar but you can also get a glass floss container that you just refill with floss when you run out! Once I use up all of the toothpaste and floss I currently have I will be making this switch!

-Shampoo bars and conditioner bars: This is the more sustainable way to wash your hair since it eliminates the packaging! I am still a little torn on these, but I am going to try some out when I finish using the shampoo and conditioner I currently have. I will probably try the Lush ones but I guess we will see!

-Bulk stores: If you have a bulk store in your area you can buy glass containers and go get them filled! This is really nice and convenient and I like it because I can scent it myself. I am working through using all of the products I currently have and finding a store near me where I can get products such as this!

-Sustainable toilet paper: You can buy recycled toilet paper!! This is like the easiest swap to make when trying to lead a sustainable lifestyle!!

-Makeup Rags: I literally cut up washcloths and use those to take my makeup with micellar water! I recycle the bottles I use but I just wash the rags and reuse them every week. There are reusable makeup rounds that you can purchase from online outlets but it is just as easy to make your own!

-Period Waste: Getting real personal here, I have an IUD and my period doesn’t come super frequently. I would like to transition from using normal tampons, AKA using all the products I currently have, and switch to a more sustainable method! I have friends that use menstrual cups and love it, I have friends that use completely organic tampons and love it, but something I am really intrigued by is absorbable underwear. THINX is a super cool brand that I think would totally work for my lighter periods that I want to try!

-Safety razor: I have been using a safety razor for a couple years now. I got a bamboo and metal one that I love! Except since I never took it out of the shower the wood split, KEEP THIS IN MIND WHEN PURCHASING. I still love my safety razor but I wish I would have gotten a metal one instead. Safety razors take some getting used to so PLEASE use shaving cream or something and TAKE YOUR TIME. You will knick the shit out of yourself if you don’t!!!!

-Dry shampoo: Instead of buying conventional dry shampoo, in a small jar I have mixed baby powder cocoa powder that I apply with an old makeup brush! I sometimes blow dry my hair after too which gives it a little volume (my hair stylist told me to do this). Full disclosure: baby powder with talc in it is not good for you!!! After I finish using the bottle that I have I am switching to corn starch!

-Essential oils and face/body oils: I said before that I use a ton of essential oils for things but I especially love putting them in body oils to use. Body oils usually come in glass bottles or jars and are awesome for your skin. There are certain types that will be best for your skin type, so I would do a Google search to find the best one that works for your skin!

-More sustainable deodorant option- love beauty planet has a plant based deodorant that is cruelty free and made from recycled plastic! I LOVE IT. I have tried a variety of natural deodorants to eliminate the use of aluminum in my day to day life but could not find a deodorant I liked that was effective. This one is amazing, plant based, smells amazing!!, and is made from recycled plastic for ultimate convenience. I am obsessed.

-Towels for everything- We use rags and towels and rugs and just wash them once a week! We don’t use wipes for anything, clean with rags, etc.

-Using all of the plastic I already have!: This is the main way to transition to a sustainable lifestyle. Do not waste the plastic you have and use the products and then recycle as much as you can and transition to a sustainable method! We have such a tendency to just “replace” things that we no longer want or need and make SO MUCH unnecessary waste. Help cut down on that and use the products you have. A few more days of using regular deodorant probably won’t kill you and if it makes you feel any better everything is chemicals and the sun gives you cancer and the air we breathe is trash so. But you are aware of that and are trying to help make better choices! So here is to acknowledging the suck and moving forth!

What are the things you do to be more sustainable in the bathroom?

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