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Pivots in Business- Aura Paintings

It's funny how quickly things can change and how easily we can make decisions and how much we underestimate ourselves.

Like many of you, this year definitely has not gone as planned. I feel like I have already made a million pivots in my business, but I understand now that I have been just moving closer and closer to a few things…

My intuition.

My creativity.

My deep desire for community.


This year I have moved through seasons of keeping community with you all virtually-- I beat myself up over it for a really long time and I still do sometimes.

The truth is as a multi-passionate entrepreneur, it is so easy to slip into a position where you don't feel like you really work for yourself anymore. Maybe you take a long term contract or position and suddenly you feel more and more of your time being consumed by this position that was so great at first. And it's not that you hate the work! It's that it just isn't exactly what you want to be doing, maybe it's a little out of alignment with your values, maybe you feel less like yourself, maybe this was supposed to be a short-term thing. The list can go on and on.

After being in a long term position, I found myself having less and less time to pursue other opportunities, other passions, other projects, other things I wanted to be doing. And I found myself dreading doing some of the things I found the most joy in, because I didn't feel like I had the time to do it.


Throughout this time, my connection to my own intuition has been increasing. By being forced to spend so much more time alone this year, I have been able to slow down, sit in more stillness, and connect more deeply.

My spiritual journey has been something that I have loved experiencing and building upon but it also brings up a lot of deep shame for me being raised so religious and "practically". Throughout the course of this pandemic I have realized that I am able to see auras super clearly and I can truly tap into the energy other people more than I ever imagined. This was something I realized months ago but wasn't in a rush to share with anyone or do anything with it. It was really draining at first and I am still working on maintaining energetic boundaries that feel really good for me. It has been something I have been incredibly reluctant to share because I have a really hard time letting go of my attachment to what others may think.

Over the last couple of months I have been offering inner child and loving adult aura paintings to some clients and close friends to get feedback and see what they would think. It was so fun to connect even more deeply to my intuition and my creativity but slowly painting was becoming something I was resenting having to do, because I felt like I had far too many tasks on my plate.

I felt like at this point I needed to choose, either my position or my creative passions and dreams for Establiss.

So I decided it was finally time for my creative passions and dream for Establiss to shine. My dreams for community within my offers. Time to take my creative/mentoring gifts seriously.

I am excited to keep sharing more and more of what that is going to look like over the next couple of months-- in the meantime make sure you keep your eyes peeled for my next blog about repressing and dismissing out creativity and our inner child/business. It's going to be a good one.

And be sure to follow me on Instagram to stay up to date about all things aura paintings! @meggarciajahrman


I want to personally thank each and every one of you for being a part of this community. I wouldn't be able to do any of this without you and I feel so lucky to have so many friends in my corner. Thanks for following along.

How can I support you?

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