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How to Use a Business Plan to Scale

A lot of people don’t see a ton of functional value in a business plan-- many people now prefer a marketing and operations plan. And while I think this works for certain people, a business plan gives a comprehensive overview that allows individuals to scale and up-level in their business.

A business plan goes through a flow. It has an energy from start to finish. In a previous blog post I discuss the 3 essential parts of a business plan-- summary, analysis, and reflection. Our brains collectively look at the information and logically and energetically create change through reflection. This is a never ending process.

The business plan that I wrote when I first started my blog back in January is so VASTLY different from the business plan that I use now.

This document is never perfect. But every time I review it, I connect back with my purpose and how I want to be operating my business from the energy of a CEO. Creating my business plan helped me step into the power I have as a business owner. This isn't just something I am doing. This is something that I am doing to change my life. Of course, I have a plan of how I am going to attempt and navigate this.

The breakdown of the business plan separates the flow of the document into the three categories that are necessary to work through blocks in order to scale.

This is how to use a business plan…


The summary component of the business plan includes the values and pillars of the company as well as the mission and vision of the business. This is where I connect with my purpose of the business and I ensure that the information I read energetically matches the way I am conducting business and the people I am serving. This section obviously includes a lot more such as an operations plan, summary of staff, structure of the company, location, etc. When reviewing a business plan on a regular basis, if the mission and vision of the plan change so does everything else. This helps you understand and perfect the other aspects of your business if you are so focused on making sure that your mission and vision are an accurate representation of the business or brand you are building.


The analysis component logically follows the summary of your business or brand. This includes market and industry analysis, SWOT analysis, risk assessment, etc. As a business owner or an entrepreneur, one must be aware of the trends, industry jargon, customer review process, improvement of services, and the risk that one takes on with every decision made. This section is the analysis of how the business or brand affects the rest of the world. How does it fit in your niche? What data shows that there is success here? As much as I am an energy person and like to make decisions energetically, I know that I am more able to trust my energy if the nerd in me is fulfilled and the research is prepared. Take the guessing out of business and ANALYZE and research what needs to happen to be successful.


The reflection component is the sustainability piece of business and brands. How does one create sustainable business practices to ensure that the business thrives? What needs to change to allow the business to really fulfill the mission and vision written? What is changing in the industry that is going to change the way business is done? Approaching these questions from a neutral mind state allows for issues to be void of the labels of good or bad allowing things that are best to enter.

Moving through the energy of a business plan allows one to constructively reflect on their business without having to do a lot of work.

I review my business plan on a regular, probably weekly, basis and allow myself to reflect on how my business is changing according to my mission and vision. Sometimes things don't change a lot if at all, but other times I am up for ten hours completely redoing my method of business.

My Five steps for reviewing my business plan are as follows:

1. Create a high vibe experience-- similar to a money date, a CEO date, top of operations day,whatever sort of rituals you have for monitoring your business, creating a high vibe experience is important to allow for the energy of the plan to present itself and it really allows you to focus!! I totally ignored this part of things for a long time but doing something~ that signifies this shift in thinking helps you gain clarity! Do something, anything, even if it's just lighting a candle, to create a high vibe experience.

2. Jump into the summary. Really connect with the mission and vision of the business and how that sits with you. If it feels good or something needs to be changed.

3. Work through the analysis of your industry. This doesn't have to take a super long time! But brush up with anything new that could affect your business. How are you going to be successful?

4. Reflect on how your business can be more sustainable and lean with its practices. How can you create systems that allow you to scale?

5. I always finish by saying, I am grateful and open to the possibilities of this business. I am worthy of success. (Positive affirmations literally change your view, I use these ones to remember that I am worthy of owning a business and being wildly incredibly successful!)

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