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Fitness and Health

I have had a really complicated relationship with health and fitness throughout my life.

I have never been anything but conventionally thin my entire life. I was blessed with good genes and not so blessed with intestinal issues that make it hard for me to gain weight. Even though I have always been in a body that is accepted by society I have always had body image issues. It has taken me years to feel at home in the body that I wake up in every single damn day. WHICH IS LITERALLY INSANE. This body is my home and will be for the rest of my life. I recognize that this is from the standard society has set for women to take up less space, be thin, and conform to the standards of beauty that are so widely received. The health and wellness industry literally benefits from your feelings of inadequacy and profits from them. Which is something I have had to grapple with more recently.

Last fall I began working with a health and fitness coach but truthfully she was more of a health and lifestyle coach. She helped me gain strength and start lifting weights and get into the routine of journaling and fueling my body with food that makes me feel good and actually eating enough to fuel myself! From our time together I realized how much I was under eating and how that was affecting my health. I learned how to find balance. I learned that my body is strong and resilient. And truthfully my body looks about~ the same as when I started with my coach, the difference is I am so much happier and I feel so much healthier.

As of recently I have been neglecting my body. The only thing that I can seem to be consistent with is my nutrition and how I fuel my body. I have been re-framing the way I feel about exercise. I want to incorporate more gentle exercise into my routine and total body weight lifting sessions because they make me feel good and strong. Not because I am trying to change my body or conform to some standard.

My body is my home. For the rest of my life and I need to honor and love and serve it. With the same amount of energy that I serve others.

I am recommitting to my health. I am recommitting to consistency.

If there is one thing I am NOT good about especially when it comes to fitness and health is consistency. Like seriously, I can barely stay on top of my nutrition and that is something that is really important to me. I am not consistent with my workouts. I am not consistent with my medications. I am not consistent with my water.

This past week I had a lifestyle audit with Courtney Blue that really helped me dial in on my goals and ambitions as a female entrepreneur. Courtney was my coach that I started with last fall and she has been transitioning into helping female entrepreneurs create consistency in movement, nutrition, and stress management and I am SO excited to implement what we talked about so I can show up as the CEO I am, and my highest self for myself and my business.

I want to challenge you all to re-commit to consistency with my for the rest of the summer! I am committing to consistency in my health so I can be the highest version of myself and continue scaling in my business.

In order to do this I am doing giveaway! I am giving away a set of probiotics from one of my favorite companies. I use these probiotics in my smoothies or oatmeal or coffee every morning to help strengthen my gut and my immunity.

And will publicly be holding myself accountable about consistency about my water and medications every day! These are two things that will drastically improve my quality of life and I hope to have you join me with something equally as powerful for you.

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