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What is Compassionate Marketing? A Quick Guide

Compassionate marketing is a term that I have been working on for the last two years. It started out as playful marketing, but I felt that the word playful didn't fully encompass everything that I was trying to convey.

Compassionate marketing is meant to be a new way of marketing, a new method, one that places the humanity of all involved at the center.

A type of marketing that is more concerned about kindness and honesty and not so much about numbers or conversions.

A type of marketing that allowed you to create strategy unique to you and your audience knowing that your creativity and ideas will be praised instead of dismissed.

Compassionate marketing is my way of trying to create new ways for folks like myself-- who also identify as a low energy human-- to participate in business and marketing without feeling like they will never be success.

Compassionate marketing is meant to open the doors for all of us to find a seat at the table.

What does compassionate marketing mean?

Compassionate Marketing- marketing that is trauma informed, creative, playful, kind, and honest. A new way of marketing for low energy entrepreneurs + those done with shame, manipulation, and privilege in marketing.

What does compassionate marketing look like?

Compassionate marketing looks like offering choice, consent, clarity, kindness, time, space held, and more.

Compassionate marketing looks like honoring yourself and your humanity, while also honoring your audience and their humanity.

Compassionate marketing is not meant to look any certain way. There is no secret formula or strategy that makes it all make sense. There are no formal rules to abide by.

Compassionate marketing invites us to re-examine the way we traditionally approach marketing. Compassionate marketing is meant to look different person to person, business to business. Compassionate marketing gets to look like anything you want it to be.

Maybe that means you don't have a strategy but have a philosophy you abide by. Maybe that means you do have a strategy, but you practice harm reduction within it. Maybe you have a little of everything in your strategy.

Ways to Practice Compassionate Marketing:

As I shared above, there is no one way to practice compassionate marketing. There is no set of rules, or any way that compassionate marketing is supposed to look. The best way to practice compasionate marketing is to start considering these 7 principles and how they fit into your marketing/business:

  1. You are always of and always have value.

  2. Kindness is clarity, honesty, and boundaries.

  3. Success can look like anything in marketing.

  4. Money is not the end goal of marketing.

  5. Participate in harm reduction.

  6. Always return to your values.

  7. Compassionate marketing is community based. What does your community need?


Marketing is a field is that is always changing and growing, but it is also a field that often lacks kindness. And true kindness-- not kindness for the sake of a sale.

This is just the beginning for compassionate marketing. I am working on a business-ish book all about compasionate marketing, and how this came to be after working in marketing for the past few years.

Thanks for being here and as always, if you have any questions please reach out to me via Instagram @meggarciajahrman

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