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Photos + Inner Child Healing

Pictures hold a thousand words and are able to bring back memories that we may gloss over when thinking of our past. Pictures can help remind us of who we are, who we used to be, and what we love about ourselves.

Looking at pictures of ourselves is such an important practice to connect back to all of the parts of you. This can be an amazing exercise for connecting back to your inner child and beginning the reparenting process.

Please note, that for some looking at pictures may bring up trauma or other emotional distress-- please do not do this practice if you are feeling unsure, unsafe, or know that this practice will not benefit you right now.

When looking at pictures from your childhood, feelings begin to pop up and you may not even be sure why. We often forget who we used to be in the process of growing up, that sometimes our feelings and memories don't make sense. We forget that we too were once a child.

Connecting back with the most innocent part of ourselves and finding out who we are at the child levels in our soul is how we begin our re-parenting process. It is how we create the most loving and firm boundaries for ourselves and the life we want to live.

Some of us never grow up, but some of us had to grow up too quickly. No matter where you fall on the spectrum, creating a life that holds your inner child in safety is the first step to help understand who you are at the more intimate level. All of the pieces of you.

When you are looking at the photos it is normal for feelings to surface. Allow the initial feelings to come from each photo. What is coming up? These feelings are not wrong or bad, just neutral. Allow them to come without judgement and allow them to be released when they are ready.

Some questions for reflection include:

-What qualities does your child-self have? What do they like? What do they dislike? Are you remembering something new about yourself?

-What are some of the traits your child-self and adult-self share?

-What are some old stories you believe about yourself from childhood?

Why pictures from childhood + adult life for Aura Paintings?

When I am tapping into people's energy to read their aura and channel messages for their inner child + loving adult, the process of picking out the pictures plays a role in my own process.

I ask for a photo from childhood and one from adult life to get an accurate energy read of all of the parts of you. When you provide me with these photos, I get to read your energy across timelines and dive deep into the edges of your aura and being.

By looking at your favorite pictures of your child and adult selves I get to connect and channel messages for all of the parts of you and the art I create is even more dynamic since I tap into the different energies.

I encourage all individuals who are interested in receiving an aura painting to go through a picture looking exercise first and then pick both pictures for your painting.

If you are interested in receiving your own Inner Child + Loving Adult Aura Painting, head over to the Shop tab to get started.

If you are interested in connecting with your inner child further, check out my free guide under the free resources tab, or purchase my course Emergence under my Links.

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