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done-for-you day

marketing + lead gen


What if you could...

  • finally finish three freebies (+ have them convert well!) 

  • set up your email marketing and

  • your Pinterest

in less than a week?

In your Marketing + Lead Gen Done-For-You Day service we sit down together:

  • to go over your values so that the strategy we create reflects + embodies those

  • to go over all of the aspects of your business and what is currently working for you in marketing + what is not

  • to go over your knowledge and what you are wanting to share with your community

  • and we come up with + create three different lead magnets/freebies (quizzes included!!!)

From there I do all of the work creating the backend in email marketing software, doing the research + set up for you to get on Pinterest, and prepare everything for you to share with your audience! You also receive a strategy guide that tells you how to manage these new platforms and strategies, what I recommend based on your capacity, and content ideas.

My goal with this service is to set you up with a sustainable strategy that you are able to maintain by yourself that works for you and your business so you can focus on the things that light you up without sacrificing your visibility strategies + goals.

Developing a marketing ecosystem as an entrepreneur or creative can feel super overwhelming.


Adding in other avenues outside of social media like email, lead magnets, Pinterest, etc. is often a "someday" task for a lot of us entrepreneurs + creatives due to the sheer amount of work it takes to set up before we even get to a maintenance stage.


On top of that, then creating community around your values using all of these pieces and creating communications that feel good is a part of the long term strategy.


I know how difficult it is to get started on creating a freebie or setting up Pinterest or your email list, to start and then have to stop, to start and never be able to finish, etc.


Lead generation is an important piece in the marketing ecosystem to not only help us identify what marketing is leading to conversions (ie. sales, sign-ups, etc.), but to also help you develop a deeper sense of community with those who have opted into those communications.

the method + what's included



A sustainable email strategy so that you can always stay in contact and nurture your audience.


  • 3 Email Templates (General Template, Lead Magnet Follow Up, Newsletter Style)

  • 5 Landing Pages (3 will be used for the lead magnets we create in most circumstances, the rest can be used for waitlists, general contact information, etc.)

  • 3 Automated Sequences (These will be used for the lead magnets we create together)

  • ActiveCampaign Set Up (Fee not included in service price)

  • List Creation + Contact Segmentation

  • Video Library Showing How to Use ActiveCampaign



A Pinterest strategy so that your ideal clients can find you vs. constantly searching for them


  • Pinterest Set-up + Audit (Profile Information, Board Creation + Optimization, etc.)

  • Keyword Research for your Services + Offers

  • Tailwind Set Up (Software Fee not included in service price)

  • 20 Pin Templates

  • 5 Title + Description Examples

  • Video Library Showing How to Use Tailwind

  • Initial scheduling of 100 pins for your account


Content Strategy

A feel-good content strategy that pulls your business and marketing together in a way that represents who you are.


  • Lead Magnet Creation- total of 3 lead magnets

    • What kinds of lead magnets can we create together? we can create anything from workbooks, to email challenges/workshops, to video workshops, to private podcast feeds, to quizzes, to whatever you are feeling would be supportive, creative, and engaging for your audience!

  • 20+ Content Ideas 

  • Ideal Client + Values + Brand Audit— We just do a quick check-in! How do we keep all of this in mind while creating your marketing ecosystem? 

  • Strategy Guide that outlines the work + time required to maintain these strategies

BlueFlame-Megan74 (1).jpg

Hi, I'm Megs, your compassionate marketing strategy mentor. I help you set up the systems for Pinterest and Email OR manage them entirely to help you with your marketing strategy.

Working with multiple platforms doesn't have to be hard or stressful.


I help you create the lead magnets, set up the systems, and create a strategy that is sustainable for you, your energy, and your business.


who am i?


(Note: The process generally takes about a week between getting the ideas together during the strategy day and then getting the copy/important information afterwards from you for the lead magnets!)

Done-for-you days are $3,000 with payment plans available always.



Sound like everything you need?


Fill out the form below to learn more!

FAQ about Done-For-You Days

What do I have to do for lead magnets outside of our strategy day session?

  1. If your lead magnet is going to be written- I just need the main points you want included in the copy sent over to me and I will take care of it! If your lead magnet is going to include a video, a workshop, etc. you will have to create those materials and send them to me to be set up in email marketing and automations. The sooner I get materials from you, the sooner the process is completed. It is helpful for you to have some idea of what you want to create in terms of lead magnets walking into our session so we can really optimize our time together.

Will you integrate the forms from ActiveCampaign on my website?

  1. Short answer, no. Since everyone usually uses a different software for their website trying to help my clients integrate the forms on their website when I am not 100% familiar with the software is a dis-service to us both. ActiveCampaign is my email software of choice because they have good free integration options with most major website platforms. There are also really helpful forums you can find for your specific website provider on Google!

What do I need to do for Pinterest?

  1. You will need to install the Pinterest code on your website so that it is linked and you can receive the best/most accurate analytics from the platform. I'll do all the initial set up and then I will hand it over to you to maintain! You can even outsource this to your VA if you want, just be sure they are using the Keyword Research and examples. (Ideally you would hire someone to manage your Pinterest, but that isn't always feasible so we do what we can.)

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