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the process of coming into being, stepping into the light and embodying the multidimensionality and duality we all harbor inside of us.

Emergence is a 10-week inner child and business embodiment container designed for deep nourishment, support, love, and most importantly fun-- and some more of that serious business stuff too.

Image by Luz Mendoza

who is this for?

Emergence is for spiritual and heart-centered entrepreneurs who desire to step into their own unique divine structure and create space for flow in their lifestyle.


The entrepreneur who is tired of taking life and themselves so seriously.


The entrepreneur who is ready to dive deep into their healing journey.


The entrepreneur who is tired of what feels like inevitable burnout and rock bottom.


The entrepreneur who is ready to show up as themselves unapologetically.


The entrepreneur who is ready to simplify their business to what FEELS best for them.


The entrepreneur who knows they are ready to step more regularly into balance in both life AND business.


The entrepreneur who understands that grace is more important than alignment.


The entrepreneur who knows that this journey of embodiment never ends-- but are ready to get started anyways.


Regardless of whether you only run a business, run multiple businesses, or have a 9-5 or part time employment AND a business, structure and flow are possible for you. You are able to have an embodied business and lifestyle.

embodied business is unique.

There is no one-way path, or destination. We get to decide what that is for ourselves.


Emergence is about cultivating the tools and the awareness to catch yourself when you are slipping.


We do not have to hit rock bottom for our lives to radically change.


We can catch ourselves on the slippery slope, drop into our being, provide grace, and find a path forward.


We can face the emotions and the root and the shadows of the situation and sit with them.


We can drop into our being and learn more and more and cultivate structure from our devotion to ourselves.


We move through this program together and hold space for each other.

during our time together we will cover:

Devotion and Divinity in Everyday Life

Inner Child Connection

Shadows and Energetic Alignment

Fun and Healing


Fun and Business

Reliability and Accountability

Sustainable Business

The last two weeks of this program are dedicated to integration, rest, and celebration.


Imagine being so devoted to yourself and your goals that you feel energized and able to work in your business and be present in your life daily.


Imagine being able to hold space for yourself day to day and find divinity in the day-to-day operations.


Imagine being able to hold your inner child and co create with them on a deeper level.


Imagine being able to walk with your shadows and hold space for them.


Imagine being able to let your shadows create through you.


Imagine the goal NOT being to stay in constant energetic alignment, but to find that throughout little moments, and recognize where you can improve.


Imagine being able to HEAL and deeply heal through fun.


Imagine being able to be your most authentic self and actually being able to show up as them.


Imagine having FUN in the day-to-day life you lead-- especially in your business.


Imagine being able to walk in further integrity with your values because you are so clearly devoted to them.


Imagine being able to have a sustainable business that you feel comfortable stepping away from to LIVE YOUR LIFE.


This is all a PRACTICE, but it is also all POSSIBLE.



This container is designed to help lift individuals on their path to embodiment in their life and business.

when you sign up to join this container you receive:

-Exclusive access to a Facebook Group for support, connection, and community.

-Exclusive access to me on Voxer 5 Days a week for individualized support and questions.

-3 Mastermind Group Coaching Calls

-A Group Meditation Experience for Welcoming Safety

-1- 1:1 Call with me to be used at any point during the program!

-Weekly Modules and Workbooks

-Guest Speakers who will be coming in to share their expertise

-And an opening and closing celebration call!


Content is dripped out weekly so you are not overwhelmed! And you will also receive an accountability partner for deeper support and nourishment for the second half of the program.


The Investment for this container is $444, for all ten weeks!


Payment plans and extended payment plans are available and we can co-create that together, to make the investment comfortable and safe for you!


If you agree to pay in full, you will receive an added bonus of a personalized 1:1 meditation.


I also have options to add on more 1:1 support if you are desiring that-- you can ask me more if you decide this option is right for you!

early enrolltment special

When you sign up before June 3rd, you get the early-enrollment price of $333!


Payment plans and extended payment plans are also available for this special-- we still co-create the investment to make it safe and comfortable.

enroll NOW

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