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inner child healing

Inner Child Healing is the gateway to the life and business of your dreams.



1:1 Healing Container

Emergence: A group container

Inner Child Coloring Book


Inner child healing is about connecting with your deepest, gut level feelings and nourishing yourself accordingly.


As adults we have buried our deepest needs, the needs of our inner child, because we have been conditioned to believe we need to grow up-- become an adult.


When we begin to listen to our inner child, their needs, their concerns, and the issues they dealt with and how that changed our beliefs, we begin to heal.


It is important that we start to re-parent ourselves for our highest good.


For a long time I neglected the needs and the desires of my inner child resulting in poor boundaries. Growing up too quickly. Becoming "parentified" at a young age. Taking on responsibility that wasn't mine to bear. Shying away from fun and joy. Taking life so seriously that when things go wrong, it's just easier to ignore it until you can't anymore.


And then I began my own path of healing. I truly believe that this work has always been a part of me. I believe that this is something that I have done in my past lives, something that I have always done, something that is a part of my soul.


Anyone that knows me knows that I have a lot of child-like joy, I am really unafraid of what people think of me (now, at least), I speak my mind fiercely, and that I love FUN.


But like true, magical, pure fun.


Like building a fairy garden.


Like playing board games.


Like swinging on a swing-set or playing on a playground.


Like picking flowers from the weeds.


We are all children at heart, I just let mine be a larger part of my business and my general life.


I have been doing a lot of self-study so I can better help and assist my clients in the work they are doing and reading all of these healing books-- I realized that the methods, ideas, and practices these books are teaching are what I have been helping my clients with all along.


I don't know how, and I don't know why, but this is all a part of me. I know inner child healing like the back of my hand and it flows so naturally from my heart.


I have been able to welcome my inner child into my life as an adult. I have learned how to nurture them, and meet my basic needs. I have learned to take the actions of others less personally and know that a lot of the time, there is a wounded inner child behind it. I have learned to listen to my gut feeling and emotion and intuition for the better. I have learned to allow pure joy into my life.


I assist you during your journey as a guide.


I have been able to uncover my inner child wounds, deal with family trauma, and start the re-parenting process all on my own.


This has always been a part of me and I am honored to guide you through your own journey of re-parenting.


I am not a therapist, I am a trauma-informed healer and a guide-- I encourage that all of my clients have a therapist concurrently to deal with issues that may come up during our time together.


1:1 Healing Containers

My inner child healing programs consist of two-three months of intense guiding through the re-parenting process.


What's included:

Weekly 1:1 calls for support, questions, and guidance.

Unlimited Voxer support 5 Days a week

Fun "homework" to connect with your inner child

Access to all of my resources, workbooks, and guides.

Reiki Healing

Magic and Tarot or Religious Entities if that better suits your needs

When you commit to 2 months or more, you will also receive a gift box.



I offer payments on a sliding scale. I recognized I was trying to sell my services at WAY higher prices that were out of alignment and I was not making sales.


Of course my business needs to support me, but I started my business to help others and I am not required to charge so much to do that. You cannot put a price tag on a transformation.


A sliding scale for 1:1 clients in alignment with who I am and how I want to serve.


My sliding scale is $333-555 a month for my inner child services and I offer a variety of payment plans.


To start your journey schedule a call and look out for an email from me!


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