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If you found your way here to this blog for this preliminary post, welcome.

Learning to be super open about my life on the internet has been a super weird process for me but I am so excited to just start. And stop doubting myself. I have pictured myself starting this blog over and over again. And after a bunch of writing and erasing, I decided to write about what I know best-- my work space.

Since I moved out on my own about six months ago I lived in a one bedroom apartment where I finally had a space for an office. Like a dedicated, well established office. I have always had a dedicated work space in every place I have lived. I keep a desk with all sorts of cards, writing books, paper, pens, markers, paint, string, mostly a ton of things I don't need all the time but that I like to have. I am always sitting at my desk writing and working because it is where I work best.

My entire house has to be clean before I can sit down and work without interruption or I will be too distracted to be productive. My work space becomes my safe space for thoughts and productivity. As of recently I have moved and graduated and navigated a mess of a month all while deciding I want to start a space where I talk about the opinions and things I have learned along my way. That is what this blog is for. You will notice the tab on my blog titled, CIVIS. This is another space I have been dreaming of creating but I wanted it to be a non-partisan space for discussion and collaboration. As you will notice, I have a lot of very strong opinions that are not non-partisan and I felt like I needed another place to be able to express those. This is how Establiss was born.

If you have made it this far, thanks for listening to me ramble and talk about all sorts of random things. My workspace has become my safe space as I said earlier. I have a vintage cartography desk that is HUGE but has become one of my prized possessions. It has drawers of all shapes, it has pull outs for extra work room, and it is a beautiful medium stain with gold embellishments. This desk holds copies of books I have grown to love, manuals for writing, all of my photography supplies, crafting supplies, and every sort of technological device I have. I clean my desk out once a year to organize and keep tidy and occassionally get rid of some things I don't need.

While my desk is a crucial part of my workspace, the things that hang on the walls are more important for my productivity. Don't get me wrong, having space for a printer and double screens on the top of my desk along with extra light and candles and crystals, is incredible.

Having space to sprawl out and allow myself to work without restriction is amazing.

The things that are hanging on my walls are important to me because they help redirect my focus when I feel lost. A few years ago I bought glass sheets from Home Depot and I put an even layer of electrical tape around the sides to keep from cutting myself and turned them into white boards of sorts. One board is dedicated for a monthly calendar. I change it towards the end of every month just to have and write schedules on so I can always see my month at a glance without having to pull out a planner. The other board is used for pictures, cards, sayings, and things that warm my heart. I have had the quote, "You owe yourself the love you so freely give to other people," on this board for almost a year now. It is a really good reminder to me to continue working on loving myself. I have a huge heart with a lot of love to give but I often forget to give some of that to myself. On the other side of the wall, I have four paintings that I have created that all hold a really special place in my heart. I painted all four alone while I was doing a lot of self reflection. They signify the way our minds can expand, how introspective we can be, and how easy it is to get lost in our own mind. I will forever cherish these paintings and will probably never get rid of them. Lastly, below these paintings is my vision board for the next year. I have never done a vision board before, but I had the chance to work with a coach who had a lesson over them. Quite frankly, I feel so much more focused and I feel like I have so much more direction regarding my goals and dreams. Anytime I lose sight of what I am doing, I take a peek at the board on the wall and remember why I started all of this. (I'll share my vision board with everyone eventually.)

My workspace is my safe space but it took a lot of crafting and shifting to make it what it is. I highly recommend that everyone has a space like this that can be used as a hub for productivity and creativity. I don't know if I feel qualified to give tips on how to construct a workspace, but if I had to give someone advice:

-Find a space where you can be mostly~ alone. Sometimes this isn't possible, currently I am sharing an office space with my sister. But I am often alone when I am down here and can find times to be alone here.

-Keep a clean desktop. Even if your drawers are a mess, keep the top of your desk clean. It will be a lifesaver in terms of productivity. You will never have to clean before you can start working.

-Keep a calendar handy. It is counterproductive to have to keep looking at your planner, or your phone, or anything else to refer to a calendar. Having a quick spread of the month either as a desktop calendar or wall calendar can help when you are trying to plan ahead.

-Keep it minimal. Don't make it overwhelming. Hang art, pictures, cards, quotes, things you love. It will make your space feel a lot cozier and make you feel at home.

-If you want to stay on track with your goals, make a vision board! I was a complete beginner at this but I used a clear picture frame to make mine a little nicer and did only black and white photos. If you need some help or direction, this article is one that I find really useful.

EDIT: I have also gone through how to create online vision boards and have found them to be super helpful as well!!

Thank you for taking the time to read this and my thoughts on space.

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