Resume Tip #5: Selling Yourself


The biggest issue I see with a lot of resumes is that many individuals aren't sure how to sell themselves. They don’t know how to phrase their descriptions, create their titles, and SELL themselves for the position they are applying for.

When you submit a resume you are selling yourself on WHY they should pick you for a position.

You can easily tell your employer why they should hire you, but it is incredibly more effective to SHOW them why they should hire you.

The first part of this will be your title! Always use the title that the company gives you. For example team member, beauty adviser, junior assistant, etc.

If you are an entrepreneur, you are tasked with creating your own title! Don't undersell yourself and your value though. You are here kicking ass on your own. Don't be afraid to give yourself the title you WANT to have. Reflect on that and use it to come up with the best title for yourself!

Next is the descriptions. A lot of people revert to incredibly basic language to explain the tasks that they do every day on the job.


Worked up front greeting guests and at the cash register


Ensured a positive guest experience from beginning to end by greeting guest and assisting them in the check-out process

See how different that is?

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