Resume Tip #4: Design

We are talking about design!

Design can be a really important component of your resume depending on what field or industry you are trying to work in.

The design of your resume can be simple or it can be more complicated. It is really up to you and how you want to showcase your skills!

More design oriented resumes are good for careers that require that type of skill like graphic designers, social media managers/strategists, artists, etc. Really anyone that has an "appearance" aspect in their job!

Simpler layouts for resumes are good for those who are in careers such as academia, science, writing, history, technical positions, etc.

Other components of resumes that should be included in design are font choice and color scheme of your resume. You can really use these two components to showcase your personality when using a simple format or you can use them to tie your theme together in a more complicated format.

Design of your resume should be fun! Allow yourself to feel your inner child at work when crafting this professional document. How does it feel when you look at your resume? Are you excited? How can you change your design to reflect the way you want to feel?

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