Resume Tip #2: Structure

We're going to dive into structure!

What are the sections you should have on a resume?

This is going to really depend on where you feel your strengths lie and how you want to showcase them to best sell yourself.

Depending on what type of experience you want to showcase, your format might be different from someone in a different field than you.

The top 5 sections I always have in my resume include…

  • Personal Statement

  • Skills

  • Education

  • Work Experience

  • Service

I like breaking my resume into these five sections because I feel that they are broad and you can tailor them to fit your needs exactly.

Your personal/professional statement is to showcase what you are aiming to achieve in terms of your career and service.

Skills can be utilized in many different ways and can include any range of things from softwares, languages, computers, qualities, etc.

Education is necessary to show that you have completed the minimum requirements for the jobs you are applying for. Always include extra courses, technical training, etc to clearly demonstrate your skills.

Work experience should be the most relevant jobs that you have worked in that will aide in the position you are applying for.

Service is the last category I include and this can be anything from organizations, volunteer work, leadership, teaching, honors, awards, etc.

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