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You don't have to do it all alone.


I know you feel like you have a million things to set up with no time to do it.


I know you feel like you are unable to come up with a sustainable way to market your business.


I know you feel like having more than one platform feels overwhelming.


What if...


it didn't have to be this way though?


 you were able to create amazing, aligned content and repurpose it across platforms?


you were able to have a strategy across multiple platforms that feels and is sustainable?


you could have all the systems set up, and a personalized strategy hand delivered to you?


That is where I step in...

Hi, I'm Megs, your compassionate marketing strategy mentor. I help you set up the systems for Pinterest and Email OR manage them entirely to help you with your marketing strategy.

Working with multiple platforms doesn't have to be hard or stressful.


I help you create the lead magnets, set up the systems, and create a strategy that is sustainable for you, your energy, and your business.


the structure

starts at $500/monthly

  • 2 monthly emails

  • 300 pins + pin design for the month

  • Email Analytics Reports

  • Pinterest Analytics Reports

  • 1-30 Minute Monthly Meeting

My goal with this service is to set you up with a sustainable strategy that works with the energy of your business. I am a team member and partner when it comes to your strategy and marketing and we collaborate each month to meet the needs of your business. 


Sound like everything you need?


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