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what is low energy life + entrepreneurship?

check out these blogs for some more information!

The Creative's Space + Community

Image by XPS

A community for low energy entrepreneurs, creators, and creatives. 

We share reminders every week that are meant to help you create a more compassionate, sustainable, creative, and anti-perfect approach to business and entrepreneurship. 

This is also a resource hub for entrepreneurs to find support!

next steps...

  • Download the Mighty Network App on your phone!

  • Check out the welcome section when you first join the Creative's Space!

  • Check out the topics tab to see how things are organized. You can also look for specific reminders here! Think of it like our archives.

  • Check out our resources for immediate help. New resources are added weekly!

  • Head to your notification settings and turn on notifications for The Creative's Space so you get our reminders!

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