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use the FLOW method to connect your inner child and authentic voice, create inclusive copy that aligns with soul-mate clients, and speak your truth.



Speaking my truth has always felt complicated. 


Jumping into entrepreneurship so quickly and fearlessly left me feeling empowered, and feeling like there is so much damn stuff to talk about and touch upon as a human with multiple interests.


The healing and mindset work that goes into business, the lifestyle aspect of being an entrepreneur, the why behind my career path, how to make space for people who don’t look like me, my personal beliefs and how that affects how I run business. 


What was my authentic truth supposed to be?



How am I supposed to create that in an online space? 


What does that mean as a business owner and choosing a niche? 


What if speaking my truth alienates me in the online space?


Writing has always come very naturally to me and when I started my journey, I felt a lot of resistance to creating copy because in the back of my mind, I knew anything I wrote would be seen publicly. 


My experience in the online business space quickly funneled my thinking into the idea that if I followed all of the advice of these women running these masterminds, I too would be hitting 5-figure months and I would be just as successful. If I just followed every single strategy and nugget of information they had to share I could maybe make it too. They really sell you the idea that the methods they are using are the ONLY ways to succeed in business. Even if they don’t explicitly say it.


I was buying into the idea that there is a one size fits all approach in business, but also that there isn't enough space for everyone at the table. Whether it is explicitly or implicitly stated, we often fall into this hustle pattern subconsciously thinking that there is not enough for us all to win.


My experience in the online business space reinforced the ideas I formed during childhood that things are done a certain way and that if you deviate from that specific way you are bound to meet failure. All of our thoughts, beliefs, biases, and patterns are formed during childhood. 


When we write and take action in our business, our biases come through-- in this program, it is not about being “right” or “wrong” it is about learning, healing, and nurturing our inner child to rewrite the way we see and view the world and our business. 


The way that I write my copy, run my business, speak my truth, and create a sustainable system is going to be completely different from the way you write, run your business, speak your authentic truth, and create sustainable systems for your business.


I give you the tools to heal your inner child to allow you to speak your authentic truth, to question who you are really serving, learn how to write inclusive copy, and run an inclusive business.


Gain clarity around your authentic message. Grow confidence in speaking your truth. Connect with your inner child to support feeling heard.


This program is about creating multidimensional copy and content to understand how to safely speak your authentic truth while at the same time attracting your soulmate clients.. It is about being connected to who you really are on a soul level. On a child-like level. 

It is a self-guided program that allows you to truly dig deep, and connect on an intimate level in your business.


Let’s explore how we can help you create a more inclusive business:

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The FLOW Methodology

You get complete access to the FLOW workbook and method to help you move through this process with ease. 

The FLOW Modules

Access to three modules walking you through the FLOW method to connect your inner child and authentic voice, create inclusive copy that aligns with soulmate clients, and ultimately speak your truth.




Journey to Authentic Writing

Speaking your Truth and your Inner Child 

Inner Child Visualization



Tracking Observations 

Who does your Writing Serve?

Inclusive Copy Principles and Examples



Creating Calendars 


Creating an Inclusive Business


"This book is powerful. There are so many good insights and thought-provoking questions that really forced me to dig deep and think about my emotions around not only my copy, but my business in general. This workbook helped me to identify some key limitations that were holding me back from making a true impact in my writing so, in even my next caption, I can hit home more powerfully."

-Emily C. 

"I AM OBSESSED WITH THE FLOW WORKBOOK. It's amazing! It's BEAUTIFUL first off and SO much valuable info! Like it's an incredible value girl! You should be so proud."


"I love FLOW, and can't wait to utilize some of the tips shared in it. The questions throughout the book really made the workbook personal-- it doesn't feel generic. From my blog and Instagram, to my other writing projects (and dreams),  I feel like I will be able to revisit this and apply it to each new idea I have."


"FLOW is the best thing visually and educationally I've ever laid my eyes on and I've only looked at the first 8 pages so far. I know this is going to be SO helpful for me."

-Emily J.

I have been waiting for you. I am holding space for you. It is time.