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m e g a n  g a r c i a  j a h r m a n 

personal sustainability through intuitive art, breathwork + playful marketing strategy

Hi I'm Meg/Megs.

I am an intuitive artist, play+fun expert, and marketing strategist. 


My mission is to help you rediscover play, fun, and joy in your own life; to help create authentic, emotion-inspired change in industries and communities for change. 


I've always been an advocate for community and self care. I received my degree in political science and spent time working in different organizations leading different events utilizing marketing strategy to increase turnout and support.


After leaving organizations and positions due to burn out, I know first-hand how important play, fun, self-care, and sustainable strategies are. As humans, we are not meant to JUST survive, but to thrive and enjoy our day to day life by embodying each and every part of ourselves.


I am a guide, a strategist, and a space holder. My purpose in live is to help you have more fun and play more.


I will always strive to make my business inclusive, accessible, and joyful for every client who comes to me for any offer. 

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